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About me

Hi, I’m lili21 (he/him) and I’m a conlanger currently working mostly on two conlangs: Dundulanyä (a priori) and Elodian (a posteriori, Indo-European). My best-developed conlangs on this site are Chlouvānem (a conlang I consider finished, part of the conworld Calémere; both the conlang and the conworld have a spiritual successor respectively in Dundulanyä and Eventoa) and Atlantic (Romlang, a dormant project).

Concerning languages, I’m mostly interested in historical linguistics, in the evolution of Indo-European languages, particularly Romance and Slavic ones, and in Gallo-Italic languages. I’m also interested in various other things like literature, geography, history, anthropology, ecology, and urbanism.
I'm asymmetrically bilingual in Italian and Lombard, and I also speak English, Portuguese, Russian, and German to various degrees, and can understand basic Ligurian, French, and Swedish (in decreasing order).

My conlangs

Conlangs in bold are those that I am actively developing (or will work on in the foreseeable future; as of April 10, 2023):