Yeldhic languages

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Yeldhic languages
Created byJukethatbox
Talkoch and far east Birnu
Native speakers656,893,564 (300 BH)
Linguistic classificationOne of the world's primary language families
  • Yeldhic languages
  • Ilda-Maranösic
  • Paleoyeldhic
  • Gadaïc
  • Ossic
  • Ulmic

The Yeldhic languages are the most prominent and most widely spoken primary language families in Radael. 86% of languages in Talkoch descend from the Yeldhic language family, and its most spoken derivative, Moshurian, has 450 million native speakers alone.

Alongside the Taskaric languages and the Misunic languages, it is one of three major language families spoken in Radael.



  • Ilda-Maranösic
  • Paleoyeldhic
  • Gadaïc
    • East Gadaïc
    • West Gadaïc
      • Arnic
      • Dathá
      • Palpî
      • Bemandzi
    • Osric
  • Ossic
    • East Ossic
      • Ndôve
    • West Ossic
  • Ulmic
    • Pêrsir
    • Zadję
    • Umic
      • Pailä
      • Umį
      • Ormå