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Æ /ɛ/ is a tonal Wiobic languages.


Æ is meant to be the tonal language which I always wanted in Tricin - one evolved from a nontonal, vaguely Germanic language. It has several obvious nods to Danish, such as the spelling, stød as part of a register tone system, and pharyngealized vowels.



p t tj k f s h m n nj ng l zj r v j /p t c k f s x m n ɲ ŋ l ɹ ʀ v j/


Æ vowels
Front Central Back
unrounded rounded
plain phar. plain phar. plain phar. plain phar.
Close i /i/ ir /iˤ/ u /ɨ/ ur /ɨˤ/ ů /uˤ/ ůr /uˤ/
Close-mid e /e/ er /eˤ/ ø /øˤ/ ør /øˤ/ o /o/ or /oˤ/
Open æ /ɛ/ ær /ɛˤ/ æ̊ /œ/ æ̊r /œˤ/ a /a/ ar /aˤ/ å /ɔ/ år /ɔˤ/


Æ has four register phonations or tones:

Æ tones
Spelling Tone Example IPA Meaning
unmarked modal hæ̊ /hœ/ echo
ƨ stød (weak glottalization) hæ̊ƨ /hœˀ/ steep
з breathy hæ̊з /hœʱ/ to stretch
ч checked (strong glottalization) hæ̊ч /hœʔ/ to make a mistake