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Any suggestions or additions to the policies' content shall be discussed on the appropriate discussion page.

"This wiki is aimed at facilitating the development and creation of constructed languages. Constructed languages are made for a specific purposes, enjoyment and other reasons. They are often linked to constructed cultures and other kinds of inspired settings. Constructed languages have almost endless possibilities, so try making one!"

The Linguifex Wiki is free content co-operative which details information concerning constructed languages. It runs on the MediaWiki platform. You are obliged to license the content submitted to this wiki according to the Linguifex:Copyrights.

As all wikis, Linguifex requires standardised rules and codes for a streamlined work. Because of incidents and accidents, it has come to the administration's knowledge that these need to be listed and clarified. The wiki has therefore created four cross-referencing policies which cover editing, style, language, blocking, deletion and privacy. A special policy deals with the in-house definition of vandalism and the procedures and/or consequences resulting from it.

Please, read our policies and become an active member of our community. Thank you.
General and conduct guidelines for the community. On the formatting and style of articles. On the deletion and blocking procedures of the wiki. On the consequences and specifications of vandalism. On the privacy and information handling of the wiki.
General Style Deletion Vandalism Privacy

If you have any questions or criticism, please leave a message at the talk page of one of the administrators of the Linguifex.