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From Middle Skundavisk ernest, from Old Skundavisk ernesta, ernustu, from Halmisk ᛖᚱᚾᚢᛊᛏᚢ (ernustu), ᛖᚱᚾᚢᛊᛏᚢᛉ (ernustuŕ), from Proto-Germanic *ernustuz.



ernst m. (class 3a, genitive ernsts, plural ernste)

  1. seriousness, earnest
    Neething kann her seriousness støren.
    Nothing can disturb her seriousness.


ernst (comparative ernster, superlative ernstest)

  1. serious
    Hit was hard, ernst te belijven.
    It was hard to stay serious.


number and gender singular plural
masculine feminine neuter all genders
predicative hi is ernst si is ernst hit is ernst si sind ernst
strong declension common ernst ernste ernst ernste
genitive ernstes ernster ernstes ernster
weak declension common ernste ernste ernste ernsten
genitive ernsten ernsten ernsten ernsten

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