IPA for Avendonian

The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Avendonian pronunciations. English approximations are loose in some cases and are only intended to give a general idea of the pronunciation. For more information, see Help:IPA.

IPA Examples (nearest English) equivalent
b bere bear
d dita dawn
d͡ʒ geldo, gitare jab
f fane flag
g guto good
k cvala scar
l lito light
m mano man
n nivio new
ŋ lango, drincare long
ɲ segno canyon, banhar (Portuguese)
p pado spar
ɾ stera (in fast speech) better (in some dialects; a flap)
r ricio carro (Spanish)
s suto sweet
ʃ scilto shield
t treva star
t͡s tite cats
t͡ʃ macere cheese
v verco violin
IPA Examples (nearest English) equivalent
a aplo father, haber (Spanish)
e erda they, play (Yorkshire)
i iso meet (short)
y dydere (Burgundian dialects) über (German), tu (French)
o bomo note (American English), eau (French)
u suna boot (short)
j bluiare, iungo yawn
ˈ Primary stress
ˌ Secondary stress