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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Attian pronunciations. English approximations are loose in some cases and are only intended to give a general idea of the pronunciation. This is the phonemic inventory transscribed, which means that allophony is not detailed.

IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
n natha night
ŋ emeni sting
t at'nou tank
k kava coffee, stick
d dana done, sad
g gega gone, fog
θ thana 'thanks
ð antha this
s maza sad, tricks
z tumzain zebra, dogs
x tajai car, loch, José (Spanish
ɣ menja goal, pagar (Spanish)
h hemta home
ɦ ehmi home
ɹ rama rat, car
j yemzin yes
w gva what, woman
IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
stressed vowels
ä naza stack, casa (Spanish)
ɛ amger bed
i emeni speak (but shorter)
u thunum boot (but shorter)
ɤ выдра bot, kõrv (Estonian)
e athnai play, café (French)
ɯ матка saca (Portuguese)
ø жена bed
œ мужинье, йезеро comma
o чиловек bone, beau (French)
i месичь been (but shorter)
ɪ бшидуки bit
ɨ тулсты bit (somewhat), быть (Russian)
ʊ Русиа cooking
aɪ̯ чай lie
aʊ̯ ауто loud
eɪ̯ крейва name
eʊ̯ камеунь euro (Czech)
oɪ̯ дройво join
oʊ̯ проух bone
uɪ̯ влуйки hui (German)
◌ʲ чирвь tune (some accents), мать (Russian)
j йимно yellow
w ӄаўа awaiting
ˈ Primary stress
ˌ Secondary stress