Hey! I'm Ashucky (pronounced as /ˈæʃʊkɪ/ and my real name is Andrej (that's /ˈɒndɾeɪ̯/ in English or /anˈdɾei̯/ if you want to go the native pronunciation, or go with your own pronunciation if you don't like any of that). I'm from Slovenia but planning on moving out of the country :P As you've probably figured it out, I'm here to show my conlangs and to keep them online somewhere. I used to have a my own Wiki with all my conlangs there but it went down, so now I'm also in the process of moving everything to Linguifex. It's gonna take a while but it's worth it.

In terms of natlangs, I obviously speak Slovenian (two dialects plus Standard Slovene), Italian, and English, I'm actively learning Swedish and Chinese (Mandarin), I've studied Spanish, French, Japanese, Persian, Finnish, and Hittite.

As for my conlangs, I have several of them. I generally prefer a priori conlangs but I have a couple of a posteriori ones:

  • a posteriori conlangs:
    • Harākti - a conlang based on Proto-Indo-European. It's related to Anatolian languages, especially Hittite, which influenced Harākti a lot, but there are also many Akkadian loanwords in the language.
    • Karnišna - a conlang based on Proto-Slavic and belongs to the South Slavic branch. It's spoken in Italy and therefore also heavily influenced by the surrounding Romance languages.
    • Alfinu - a Romance conlang derived from Latin, with some historical development similar to Sardinian but supposed to be spoken in Northern Italy.
    • Gutiskar - a Germaic conlang. Still highly inflectional and similar to Gothic.
    • Ememir - a Sumerian-based conlang adapted to a modern language.
  • a priori conlangs (spoken in my conworld):