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File:Laef languages.png
A map showing the languages spoken by more than half of the population in Laefevian prefectures.

The official language of Laefevia is Laefêvëši (or Laefevian). It is also the most widely spoken language in the country. The language is natively spoken in three provinces (Irrésken, Ajlísken, and Unnésken), and is the predominant language in Gaþínnel as well. There are six other native languages of Laefevia, which are also recognised as regional languages in the other six provinces.


Languages of Laefevia
Province Regional language
Ajlísken Laefêvëši
Gaþínnel Gathrírn
Gútissel Gutiskar
Irrésken Laefêvëši
Ixéssem Irǧeret (ئرغرت)
Sáelkem Saitlaa (사잍쨔)
Séttokem Settaka
Taérinel Tainiren (たいりねん)

Apart from the regional languages, there are other minority languages spoken in the country, usually close to the borders with other countries. The biggest recognised minority language is Ohkorian, which is spoken by more than half of the population in the prefecture of Hittowa (ひっととう, Hittotou), province of Taérinel (たいにれんだ, Tainirenda). Ohkorian is also spoken in the other three Taérinel prefectures but to a lesser extend, as well as in both Séttokem prefectures. Another minority language is Emawake (어마와커), which is spoken in the province of Sáelkem (사잍짜헐, Saitlahör) along the border with Riyana. Emawake and the regional language of Sáelekm, Saitlaa, also share the same script.

In southern Laefevia, in the province of Gaþínnel (Gathrínel), two minority languages are spoken: Edievian and Nithalos. However, only Nithalos is recognised as a minority language. The number of speakers of Edievian is too low to be granted official recognition.

In eastern Laefevia, there are two recognised minority languages - Xynder, in the westernmost prefecture of Gútissel province, and Yenä in eastern Gútissel along the border with Yerlan.

Language status

Official language

Regional languages

Minority languages

Languages in prefectures

The table below shows the number of native speakers (in %) of a particular language per prefecture.

Prefectures and languages
Prefecture Language
Laefêvëši Gathrírn Gutiskar Irǧeret Saitlaa Settaka Tainiren Ohkoro Nothalos Other
Výðeawa Template:Nobold
Hkóndawa Template:Nobold
Oegáewa Template:Nobold
Mâkvēwa Template:Nobold
Ijîeawa Template:Nobold
Liddúawa Template:Nobold
Okálleawa Template:Nobold
Léðideawa Template:Nobold
Mêþþiawa Template:Nobold
Duŋáwa Template:Nobold
Ubréndawa Template:Nobold
Tôrrymawa Template:Nobold
Stênhēnwa Template:Nobold
Vínhanwa Template:Nobold
Bérhēnwa Template:Nobold
Hrójbyrwa Template:Nobold
Solténnawa Template:Nobold
Tawêrmēwa Template:Nobold
Hájleawa Template:Nobold
Nóminjel Template:Nobold
Walláwa Template:Nobold
Asádrawa Template:Nobold
Vešírveawa Template:Nobold
Þýttewa Template:Nobold
Símpeawa Template:Nobold
Voséntawa Template:Nobold
Øksǿnjelwa Template:Nobold
Ðýndeawa Template:Nobold
Bîrymawa Template:Nobold
Únnavēwa Template:Nobold
Číhtawa Template:Nobold
Dóerrawa Template:Nobold
Turuénteawa Template:Nobold
Hatutánwa Template:Nobold
Hentmétwa Template:Nobold
Wasútwa Template:Nobold
Tasenétwa Template:Nobold
Ǯurtútwa Template:Nobold
Lačéttuwa Template:Nobold
Šoršétwa Template:Nobold
Čênnēwa Template:Nobold
Bôrmuwa Template:Nobold
Čǿkkøwa Template:Nobold
Kjársugwa Template:Nobold
Óppadwa Template:Nobold
Šýrøwa Template:Nobold
Líggōwa Template:Nobold
Jĕškiwa Template:Nobold
Átallowa Template:Nobold 11 <1 <1 <1 1 3 83 1 <1 <1
Ýrjyswa Template:Nobold 4 <1 <1 <1 <1 1 92 2 <1 <1
Gínašwa Template:Nobold
Ókienwa Template:Nobold
Híttowa Template:Nobold
Déskawa Template:Nobold
Neáiawa Template:Nobold
Ʒintárawa Template:Nobold
Gvêltēwa Template:Nobold
Illýheawa Template:Nobold
Krǿndēwa Template:Nobold
Xâstinelwa Template:Nobold
Mižíjawa Template:Nobold
Výljeawa Template:Nobold
Ûkselwa Template:Nobold
Føttáwa Template:Nobold
Arkéawa Template:Nobold