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Verse:Tricin/Rewhd Sgutsis

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Sgutsis was born in the city of Hirvahnal, [[Verse:Tricin/Skella|Skella]] in the Iasa region to a family of Swuntsim descent as the second of three children. Her father was the physicist and composer Avnin Axew, who was professor of physics in the University of Hirvahnal. Her mother, Hvava Sgutsis (adapted from Talman Swuntsim ''Scütsis''), was a ''ðavr'' player and music teacher (she was also a composer). Her mother's brother, Mugiv Chətσüde, was a ''jogóm'' player.
As a child, she reinvented invented just intonation cross-sets, inspired by at a multiplication table. She was allowed to skip boarding school and to enroll in the University of Hiravnol in math at age 10 by taking an entrance exam. She was an exceptionally gifted student and graduated in mathematics and music with honors at age 16 (fT 2052).
After graduating, Sgutsis studied composition and instrumentation with [Anbirese composer]. At this time she began corresponding with a number of Anbirese and Rhythoed composers, musicians and theorists to exchange ideas about music. Much of her theoretical work took place within these letters.
==Contributions to music theory==
Despite her pioneering work on EDOs, Sgutsis did not consider herself an EDO advocate -- she viewed her work on EDOs as mathematical curiosity. She found EDOs too restrictive (if the division was not fine enough as to effectively be just intonation).
*Properties of particular equal temperaments: 17edo, 19edo, 22edo, 31edo, 34edo, and 41edo
*Horograms and MOS scales

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