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Fén Ghír is a language spoken primarily amongst the Fén people on the North-Western Fén Ír penisula, as well as various islands and smaller northern settlements on the continent known as Dínír amongst the Fén. It is referred to as "Borealis" in a more culturally neutral English language on the conworld of "Sphaera". It is one of four major surviving members of the Galavic family, and the only politically independant one. Fén primarily relies on two scripts, the first, Highlands Fén, or Célán, is a system similar to runic or Ogham runes which evolved from a tallymark system. The other is called Lowland Writing and is a more recent innovation derived from the Toryl system, a mixed alphabet and abjad,

Bhé bhél bér cór ghír ítá.
This language was once featured.

Bhé fhémoc bér me ló cór ít pon éloc té bér dhén na bélim na lú dhír cór ghír ítá.
Thanks to its level of quality, plausibility and usage capabilities, it has been voted as featured.

Fén Ghír is an a priori constructed language by Fauxlosophe on the Linguifex Wiki for the conworld Sphaera. It shows heavy Irish Gaelic influence in orthography and phonology, as well as in grammar. The grammar and syllable structure have also been heavily influenced by Japanese. English and French are also present as lesser influences.