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Doubt may be an unpleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.

I'm back! I won't add much in terms of conlanging for a while, but I will however get to some organising of the wiki

Hello, I'm Waahlis, or if you're Swedish, Wåhlis /voːlɛ̝s/, and I'm one of the members and administrators of this community. I am an avid conlanger, and I have been running since about 2005! My preferences are normally naturalistic languages, which should be a priori, even though I appreciate a posteriori ones as well!

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Ris is a heavily Greek-inspired a-priori language, but has nothing to do with it genealogy-wise. The language is an amalgamation of nearly all my previous languages, an effort to implement the different structures into one tongue.
Kiwi is one of my youngest language, and its very name means "young". It is a language inspired by the phonotactically and phonologically simple Polynesian languages, and especially Hawai'ian.
Kandi is a weird little language: It steals its appearance and phonology from such diverse sources as Japanese and Native American languages, and it is peculiar in that it lacks nouns.
Okay, Wok is weirder than Tsan. Main inspirations: Lepcha, English and Khmer.


I am from Sweden, Western Sweden to be more precise. Here I dwell on the lustrous beaches and rough sea, enjoying language creation, physics, drawing, badminton and a lot of tea.

Should you ever feel a dire need of contacting me, either visit the above pages, or simply leave me a message at my discussion page! If you want, you may contact me in any language you personally think I stand a chance at understanding - if I don't, I'll find a way!

Sincerely, Waahlis.png Waahlis

To do 2015

  1. Devise a categorisation system. Bug Barry 'bout better categorising.
  2. Improve the Contionary.
  3. Improve the Portals.