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Alternative forms

mę̄ši - in Ežerina and some Eastern dialects.

mėneši - in Southern and Central dialects.


From Old Pomorian mēns/mēnans. Proto-Balto-Slavic *meˀns; compare with Old Prussian mēniks, Lithuanian mėnuo, Latvian mēness, Proto-Slavic *měsęcь (from earlier mēsenkan). From Proto-Indo-European *mḗh₁n̥s; compare with Latin mēnsis, Ancient Greek μήν (mḗn), Sanskrit मास (māsa) and Proto-Germanic *mēnōþs (“month”).




mė͂na m (6th declension)

  1. moon (the largest satellite of the Earth)
    mėnesy aztimva - lunar eclipse
    mėnesy fazo - moon phases
  2. (astronomy) moon, natural satellite (of another planet)
    mėna Saturno - a moon of Saturn


Derived termes

mėnesine - lunar
mėneskalendare - lunar calendar
naujamėna - new moon (entirely invisible)
vetuhamėna - old moon (visible only as a thin crescent oriented towards the sun)
mėnasvėte - moonlight