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Hello everyone who happened to find me, I'm Raistas. If you are from the parallel Universe, you may know that it's a slightly altered Pomorian surname Reiste which can be translated as "duckweed".

About my languages

The Pomorian language (or [pɑ.ˈmaː.reːskɑ] as its native pronunciation) is an a posteriori (and my first attempt to make a conlang on a real language family) conlang based on Balto-Slavic languages (on those which I know). And I do my best to make it beautiful. Any suggestions, you could ever have, would be helpful, if you want to, of course.

  • Takkenit or Takkenkikle [ˈtɑ.kːən.ˌkik.lə] is an another a posteriori (but with some a priori elements in it) conlang of mine, inspired by some topics about the possibility and likeliness of genetic relationship between Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Uralic. If they indeed shared a common ancestor, my conlang would be their sister (or probably aunt, I'm not sure, how this works in languages).
  • Carpathian languages is a made up language group in Europe that is a part of a larger Oronaic language family. It supposed to be an indigenous group of Europe, spoken before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans.
  • Yrkyr [ˈjər.kər] is an a priori conlang, inspired by Ket (mostly its verb paradigm specifically). However, by now it has little from its inspiration, almost every piece of it is made up completely by me.
  • Lebanese in an a posteriori language based upon an idea of what would Phoenician look like if it somehow survived to the present days. This language looks similar to Hebrew in many ways, probably because I had absolutely no idea about how the Semitic languages work before starting creating this language. However, I don't think it's a problem, right?

About me

I'm currently living in Галичина (Halyčyna, pronounced /ɦɑ.l̪ɪ.t͡ʂɪ.ˈn̪ɑ/ in dialect of this land) which is a western part of Western Ukraine. That's why I like snow and mountains and enjoy learning about languages. If you want, you may contact me and ask about anything (you can write me in English, Northern Karelian (if you happen to know it and won't say: "but it's completelly the same as Finnish"), and some Balto-Slavic languages). I'm not a linguist, but I like languages, because for me languages are just like cute kittens and tell me: who doesn't love little kittens? P.S.: I like parentheses (round brackets) very much (it makes a text look "smoother").

I created my first constructed language on August 2017, so it's been a while since then, but I'm still learning new things and finding out new tricks languages can do in nature. I like both a priori and a posteriori conlangs, mostly naturalistic ones, especially those that can be confused with a natlang. I have many ideas currently but too little free time. Hopefully, summer holidays will bring me more free time to spend on all of my conlangs.

Coming soon

  1. An a priori conlang family, spoken in a mountainous region of Central and Eastern Europe and in the Ural mountains in the far north. 6 languages are planned, I hope to accomplish at least two of them... Time will show, I guess. The language family is called Oronaic and I'm slowly making some progress in it.
  2. A conlang called Mtari, the idea of which came to me, when I was reading about Hebrew grammar. No, it won't have triconsonantal root system. It is a part of a large (interstellarly large) language family, which I'll never write about completely.

Coming not soon

  1. An a priori language family, spoken somewhere (currently nowhere) I have only few grammar sketches of Thadme (pronounced: [ˈtʰæ˨.mɛ]), some basic words and a bit quirky spelling, based on Tibetan (dsgrebs is pronounced [ˈʈœ˨˩] and means "a small teapot"). I just don't know currently, how to make it not so Tibetan-looking, because I didn't mean to make it like that, it just happened. For some reason. For now I have made a proto-languge, which looks and sounds very pleasant to me. Maybe I will write about it someday.
  2. Possibly something else?


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