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Northern Languages

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Northern languages
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Northern region of the central continent
Linguistic classificationProto-Northern (†)
  • Northern languages
  • North-Northern (†)
  • South-Northern (†)
  • ??? (†)

Excerpt from the I Kronurum article mentioning the Northern family:

The language known as I Kronurum (IK) is a part of the Northern Languages linguistic family, which populates the northern region of the central continent.
Notwithstanding the several subgroups that have split from this branch at different stages, this Central Branch of the family has been studied as a continuity in which four main stages can be identified: Ancient IK (AIK), Old IK (OIK), Middle IK (MIK; together with Early-MIK, EMIK) and Modern IK (MoIK; together with Early-MoIK, EMoIK).


This is the language tree for the Northern Languages family

Ancient IK
Old IK
(Middle) I·Kronurum
Early Modern IK

Northern MoIK

Southern MoIK

Insular MoIK

Old Eastern IK

North-Eastern MoIK

South-Eastern MoIK

Old [...]

Modern [...]

Old [...]

Modern [...]

Old [...]

Modern [...]

Old [...]

Middle [...]



Ancient [...]
Old [...]

Middle [...]








A preliminary sketch of the developement of some words.

An ancient loanword

The development of the word for the MIK marka, metal, a loan of disputed origin into the North-Northern branch, probably from a Paleo-Northern language.

P-N (†) n/a 
N-N paɾ.ˈkaː.len 
W-N ˈba.ɾa.ka.lə 
AIK ˈmä.ɾä.käl 
OIK ˈmɑɾ.käl 
EMIK ˈmɑɾ.kɐ 
MIK ˈmɑɾ.kɐ 
EMoIK ˈmɑɾ.kə 

N MoIK ˈmɑɾk 


S MoIK ˈmɑː.kʌ 


I MoIK ˈmäɾ.ki 

OEIK ˈmɑː.kɐ 

N-EMoIK ˈmɑ.kːɐ 

S-EMoIK _ 

O [...] ˈmɔː.kə 

M [...] ˈmɔːk 

O [...] ˈmɑɾk 

M [...] ˈmäɾk 

O [...] ˈmɑɾ.kä 

M [...] ˈmäɾ.gä 

O [...] ˈmɑɾ.käw 

M [...] ˈmäl.kau̯ 

O [...] ˈmɑl.käɾ 

 [...] ˈmɑl.kä 

A [...] ˈbaː.kle 
O [...] ˈba.kɘl 

M [...] ˈbaː.kl̩ 

E-N faɾ.ˈka.lːe 

O [...] ˈfaːɾ.ka.le 

S-N n/a 


 [...] n/a