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Test If you require help, feel free to write to me on my talk page, and I will respond as soon as possible. You may write to me in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish (Danish and Norwegian are fine too), Latin, Bosnian, Serbian, or Croatian, and Ancient Greek.

My tasks here as an administrator include: helping users, organising projects, carrying out maintenance, and problem solving.

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My languages are mostly sketchlangs, unfortunately. Languages with a marker are sketches.

In summary, what if I got to play around with some IE roots and tried to make a proper, naturalistic, modern Indo-European-descendant language with chronicled changes from PIE to Standard Dhannua/Common Late Era Modern Dhannua. It went… so and so. I have unfortunately not had enough time to fully flesh it out as I would have wanted. I do like the feel of the language though.
Finian is a cousin language to Dhannuá, small but quirky.
I've been wanting to make a Greek-flavoured language for some time and funnily enough, jokes about Albanian and Greek and this was born.
I'd forgotten about you…
My first online conlang. I recently polished it up and tried to cure it of some of the relexiness.
My italolang! Or well, the first few sound changes.
My one and only Germanic conlang. So far, only really a list of sound changes.
Yet Another Language Unnamed
Trying to merge a lot of features from several mini-sketches.
more ie!!

To-do list

  • Write case system bit!
  • Check if autoconf. have to recaptcha

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