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I'll just start putting the information here now and make it look nice later.


Hali Nïwor was created in the summer of 2017, originally as a sort of re-do for Nïw Poâla, but it quickly changed into its own thing. The one major thing I kept from Nïw Poâla was the orthography, which I like a lot, with the exception of the circumflex vowel, which in NP indicated that /h/ preceded the vowel. In Hali Nïwor we just write an h.

Some outstanding features of the language are different noun classes that can make different (sometimes wildly different) meanings from the same root, a closed set of verbs //That's kinda changing now. It's still a bit restricted, but the list continues to slowly grow, which it wasn't originally supposed to// , a lack of "real" adjectives, a wealth of affixes that can be used create even deeper meanings, and a set of optional "commentary particles" which can be used to give extra information like how you feel about an action, how good or bad you are at it, and even the circumstances under which you find yourself performing the action (willing decision, under orders, doing it out of necessity, and whatever else)

//Okay, that's a bit further than where I had left off -- in mid-sentence no less! -- so that should at least satisfy you if you wanted to know what I was going to say. I'll come back and work on this some more sometime, but I'm actually here now to work on something else, so I'll leave Hali Nïwor where it is for the time being.//












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