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Jyglagi | jɪg.ˈla.gi is an artlang created by Edward Emerson Harper in 2013 after discovering the conlanging fandom. He's worked on it off, and on throughout 4 years, and finally finished it in 2017 after a while of creating, revising, and subsequently quitting.


Jyglagi is written in the Latin Alphabet:

MmNnŇňPpBbTtDdKkGgFf VvSsŠšXxГгHhJjRrLlŁłAa



There are 22 basic consonant phonemes.

Mm: m | Nn: n | Ňň: ŋ |

Pp: p | Bb: b | Tt: t | Dd: d | Kk: k | Gg: g | Ff: f | Vv: v | Ťť: θ | Ďď: ð | Ss: s, z | Šš: ʃ, ʒ | Xx: x | Гг: ɣ | Hh: h | Jj: j | Rr: ɾ | Ll: l | Łł: ɬ | Cc: tʃ |

Zz: dʒ

There are some allophones, but these are all of the consonant phonemes in the language.

• The phonemes Cc, and Zz, are only used in loanwords

• The letters Ňň, Ťť, Ďď, Šš, Гг, Łł can be replaced with the digraphs Ng, Th, Dh, Sh, Gh, and Hl


There are 9 basic vowel phonemes.

Aa: a, ɑ | Ee: e, ɛ | Ii: i | Oo: ɤ, o | Uu: ɯ, u | Ûû: ə, ʌ | Yy: ɪ | Ww: ʊ | Ææ: æ

There, once again, are certain allophones, but these are all the vowel phonemes for Jyglagi.

• The Phoneme Ææ is a only used in loanwords.


In Jyglagi, primary stress is placed on the middle-to-right syllable, and secondary is on any other syllable.

Ex. Jyglagi | jɪg.ˈla.gi

Kosa | ko.ˈsa

Denmareka | den.ma.ˈɾe.ka







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