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Kəthaulə is a the first conlang created by Tristan McConnell-Evans when he was thirteen years old to experiment with the idea of conlanging, it was designed to be familiar to home and strange enough to be more interesting than English (his native language), it was inspired by many of the romantic languages and German as well.




b /b/ as in ‘bee’
p /p/ as in ‘pea’
d /d/ as in ‘deed’
t /t/ as in ‘tea’
g /ɡ/ as in ‘get’
k /k/ as in ‘key’
q /q/ as in ‘Quran’
/ʔ/ as in the ‘-’ in ‘uh-oh’
f /f/ as in ‘fee’
s /s/ as in ‘see’
ll /ł/ as in welsh ‘llall’
th /θ/ /ð/ as in ‘thin’ or ‘the’
z /z/ as in ‘zed’
sh /ʃ/ as in ‘she’
ż, zh /ʒ/ as in ‘viSion’
x /x/ as ch in Irish ‘Loch’
h /h/ as in ‘he’
ch /t͡ʃ/ as in ‘cheek’
j /dʒ/ as in ‘John’
Nasals and Liquids
m /m/ as in ‘me’
n /n/ as in ‘need’
ng /ŋ/ as in ‘ring’
/mː/ a longer version of "m" as in ‘me’
ñ /nː/ a longer version of "n" as in ‘need’
ñg /ŋː/ a longer version of "ng" as in ‘ring’
l /l/ as in ‘leaf’
r /ɹ~r~ɾ/ as in ‘reed’
Semi-Vowels / Glides
w /w/ as in ‘we’
ʍ /ʍ/ as in ‘what’ (General American)
y /j/ as in ‘yea’


i /ɪ/ as i in ‘bit’
i, e /i/ as ee in ‘bee'n’
e, ay /e/ as ay in ‘bay
e /ɛ/ as e in ‘bet’
a, ā /a/ as a in ‘bat’
au, a /ɑ/ as a in ‘father’
uh, ə, ö /ʌ/ as u in ‘but’
au, a /ɔ/ as ou in ‘bought’
o /o/ as oa in ‘boat’
u /u/ as oo in ‘boot’
ə, ö /ə/ as "a" in about
ai /aɪ̯/ as i in ‘bite’
au, ow /aʊ̯/ as ow in ‘cow
/Ø/ when a vowel has a ring above it it is silent.

Example texts

Hush now, my baby. Be still love, don't cry. Sleep as you're rocked by the stream. Sleep and remember my last lullaby So I'll be with you when you dream.

-- Kwentall, 'ahe brallki. Tezůka estrus 'ərai, n'trest. Rest numen kezůka kirvenje ov əte lakn. rest and ersevpo 'ahe fimalar lullaby Osay xe tezůka akven kehe tezůka kehe bramen.