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Meet the people of uttermost power on the wiki!

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Administrators, more often known as admins or sysops (system operators), are editors trusted with access to restricted technical features (known as "tools" for the administrators) to modify and control the wiki and its content. For example, administrators may protect, delete and restore pages, move pages over redirects, hide, revert and delete page revisions, edit protected pages, and block other editors.

To contact any of the administrators, please leave a message at one of their discussion pages. If an administrator, or other user, leaves a message at your talk page, please respond on that very page; discussions crossing several pages easily becomes incoherent.

These are the current administrators of the Linguifex wiki:

Admin.png The omnipotent bureaucrat and initial administrator of the Linguifex wiki.
Does also react to the name Chrysophylax Dives.
Zelos.png The foremost coder and experienced conlanger.
Goes by the name Emperor Zelos or just Zelos.
PMOB.png An incorrigible sketchlanger and actual linguistics student.
His long name is often abbreviated to PMOB or MOB.
Waahlis.png An omnipresent designer and mediator of the Linguifex wiki.
His name is to short to abbreviate, although Wall-E has been reported.

Abusing the administrative tools is considered a serious issue. The administrative tools are provided to trusted users for maintenance and other tasks, and should be used with thought. Serious abuse may result in sanction or even their removal. Common situations where avoiding tool use is often required:

  • Conflict of interest, non-neutrality, or content dispute – Administrators should not use their tools to advantage, or in a content dispute (or article) where they are a party (or significant editor), or where a significant conflict of interest is likely to exist. With few specific exceptions (like obvious vandalism) where tool use is allowed by any admin, administrators should ensure they are reasonably neutral parties when they use the tools.
  • Communal norms or policies – When a policy or communal norm is clear that tools should not be used, then tools should not be used without an explanation that shows the matter has been considered, and why a (rare) exception is genuinely considered reasonable.
  • Reversing the actions of other administrators – Only in a manner that respects the admin whose action is involved, and (usually) after consultation.
  • Reinstating an admin action that has already been reversed, without the concerned admin's consent.

If an administrator in your opinion has abused his authority, please object to one of the other administrators and an evaluation of the situation will be done. There are no repercussions for a user should they do this.