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All over Aior, especially the central and eastern portions
Linguistic classification:One of the primary language families

The Manish language family is the most widely spoken in Aior. Modern Manish is the language with the largest number of native speakers and the language with the largest number of speakers overall.


Ancient Manish is one of the five primary languages given by the gods to the people of Aior shortly after the creation of the world. However, sometime near the year 500, a group of Men left for the southern jungle, which lead to the first split in the family tree between Southern and Central Manish. Southern Manish has since split many more times, leading to the various languages and families of the Jungle Men of the south. Central Manish split shortly thereafter into Eastern and Western Manish.

Eastern Manish is the ancestor of modern Mountain Manish languages. While none of these languages has received the prominence or prestige of the Western Manish languages, they have served as a heavy influence on many of the modern Western languages.

Western Manish, the ancestor of the most widely spoken Manish languages, broke up into many dialects and languages throughout the plains of central Aior. Most of these went on to become the Plains Manish languages of today. By the year 2000, Old Manish, the ancestor of Modern Manish, was being spoken in Cartondin. Users of magic were banished to the Great Desert in southeast Aior and began to develop their own language, which would become Umnan. Old Manish as spoken in Aidenvelle in the northeastern mountains was heavily influenced by Mountain Manish, and ultimately the dialect spoken there developed into a new language, known as Aiden.