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Verse:Tricin/Schlomo Schngellstein

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'''Schlomo Schngellstein''' (is the pen name; of '''Tobiterol Zoloft''' (born fT 2451in Streptomycin, Clofabolocin) is , a Häskä Clofabian-Fyxoomian linguist and conlanger. Schngellstein's linguistic specialty is [[Hlou-Shum languages|Hlou-Shum]] linguistics and diachronics. His main conworld project is [[Verse:Tricin/Earth|Earth]]. He speaks [[EevoClofabosin]] and [[HäskäEevo]] natively, and his he is also fluent in [[Hlou]]. His favorite Trician languages are the [[Hlou-Shum languages]] and the [[Talmic languages]].
Schngellstein is currently a graduate student at the University of Sunehnawl in [[Verse:Tricin/Fyxoom|Fyxoom]]. He is also interested in music and plays the ''sewvore''; his favorite genre of music is Clofabian music.
Schngellstein devised the orthographies currently in use for the [[Hlou-Shum languages]]. These were inspired by the orthographies he created for his Earth languages, such as German, Irish, and Greek.
Schngellstein's alt-history languages version of Tricin, called ''an Smaoch'' in Tíogall, often use ideas used in his conworld Earth.*Quame**Not-quite-Thensarian (stop system: p b φ t d θ k g x q ɢ χ)***Tigol: quasi-literal Irish****[[Tíogall]] (a Talmic conlangretconned German-ish Skellic with mutations)*[[Wiebian]] *Wieber (a Quihum language spoken in Bjeheond)***[[Kurmian]] (a [[KuKo]] analogue)**Naquian***Alt-hist Naquic languages*Lakovic**Something with no Grimm**[[Tsjoenz]]==Music==*A 3-part fugue in 8ed(3/2)

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