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#'''"Acoustic chiptune"''' was pioneered by Semopoetin Zyrtec. Semopoetin would use voices played by harpsichords, organs, claviorganums and drums in his "incidental music" for plays and dance music. This style is something of a hybrid of 8-bit video game music on Earth and Scarlatti sonatas.
#'''Clofabian electronic music''' began as improvisation over a bass line, and took on Baroque-like complexity as time went on. Early Clofabian music systems used three voice 2 square wave channels + 1 triangle wave channel + 1 percussion channel like Famicom. This grew to 4 voice channels as composers began to write increasingly complex contrapuntal music. This style is, not surprisingly, also used for Clofabian video game music.
Some forms of music in this style are:

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