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=== Phonotactics ===
The syllable structure in Katafalsen is (K)V(K), where K denotes a consonant and V a vowel.=== Sound changes from Old Katafalsen ===A lot of the complexity of Katafalsen arises out of the sound changes from Old to Modern Katafalsen. So it is reasonable to consider these before occupying oneself with morphological processes in Modern Katafalsen. In the following, we shall leave the exact pronunciations out of consideration.
Old Katafalsen had six vowel phonemes: {{IPA|/ɑ, i, u, ɑː, iː, uː/}}. The consonant inventory was very similar to Modern Katafalsen but had two additional phonemes {{IPA|/ħ/}} and {{IPA|/ʔ/}}. In contrast to Modern Katafalsen, the syllable structure was KV(K), that is onsets were mandatory. Due to previous loss of word final vowels, words always had to end with a consonant, the only exception being word final {{IPA|/ɑ/}}.
The sound changes took place in different phases:
'''Phase 1''': Loss of geminated consonants
{| class="wikitable"
|CC > ħC
'''Phase 2''': Lowering of short vowels
{| class="wikitable"
|i > e
|iː / iħ / iy / iːħ / iːy > i
|u > o
|uː / uħ / uw / uːħ / uːw > u
|ɑħ / ɑːħ > ɑː
|ɑːj > aj
|ɑːw > aw
|iw / uy / iːw / uːy > y
=== Vowel mutation ===
=== Metathesis ===
=== Stress and intonation ===

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