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Language data Typological Evolutionary Phonological Scriptic
Language ISO-639-3 Word-
Type Aliğnment Noun-classes Class-dictinction Family Sub-family Primary
Region Consonants Vowels Phonemes Tones Plosive-
Script Script type Script family Script sub-family
Danterian qdt SOV Agglutinative Ergative 0 N/A A priori N/A Proto-Altaic Danterlokhan (Arctic) 68 38 106 0 Unvoiced aspiration Unaspirated ejective Cyrillic Alphabetic Hieroglyphic Phoenicic
Ndongan (qrq) SVO Fusional Accusative 12 m, f, n, c × 1, 2, 3 Indo-European Slavic Kikongo & Kimbundu Ndonga, Chornarus, & Mozambique (S Africa) 58 13 71 0 Voicing Palatalization Cyrillic Alphabetic Hieroglyphic Phoenicic
Galactic Basic (qgb) OSV Isolating Direct 2 l, d A priori N/A Durese & Bothan Lucasia Galaxy 24 8 32 2 Voicing Unvoiced aspiration Aurebesh Alphabetic A priori N/A
Ret̒foyi N/A VSO Analytic Austronesian 0 N/A Austronesian Northern Formosan Northwest Caucasian Ls Caucasus 34 6 40 0 Voicing Ejective Latin Alphabetic Hieroglyphic Phoenicic
Sudric N/A VSO Fusional Accusative 2 m, f Indo-European Celtic Manx Sodor (British Isles) 31 24 55 3 Voicing Latin Alphabetic Hieroglyphic Phoenicic
Proto-Seftaic N/A-pro free Fusional Transitive 2 m, c Indo-European Seftaic 26 6 32 Voicing N/A N/A N/A N/A
Khelvmish N/A VOS Analytic Ergative 0 N/A Mon-Khmer Khelvmish Iroquoian Ls Ontario & Michigan Unvoiced aspiration Unaspirated implosive Khelvmish Abugida Oracular Khelvmish
Anrish qrz OVS Fusional Direct 0 N/A Indo-European Germanic Goidelic Ls Anerrot (Northeast Atlantic) 20 17 37 2 Voicing Runic Alphabetic Hieroglyphic Phoenicic
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Just a template I made for easy side-by-side comparison of some properties of conlangs. Feel free to add any language if you want!