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Ancient Chaian


From Proto-Chaian *kid


(Ancient Chaian) IPA: /ˈxi.vau/


xivau; irregular, no passive

  1. to be (copular)


Infinitive / Gerund Indicative Active xivau
Subjunctive Active active infinitive of xivau + -si
Singular Plural
1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person 1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person
Indicative Active Present tsit xai xida tsepi kait dait
Past tsitid xaixid xidaxid tsepixid kaitid daitid
Future tsirin xain xidain tsepin kairin dairin
Subjunctive Active Present present active indicative of xivau + -si
Past past active indicative of xivau + -si
Future future active indicative of xivau + -si

Usage notes

  • Cannot be used to mean "to exist", for this meaning see vumevau.