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Flag of Avendonia square 2.png Eco brucatore abe uno vitare name de la spraca avendoniana.
CETICILIAFLAG1to1.svg ðis nót smol Cet lan ðó et.
Caribou.png Ihha miullil saṡi Sỷdi to tanoųinti-ůt.
ǂa Ña̰ʼaña ku ǂqʼaĩ ǂA Ṇṵĩ.
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val Este usuari parla valencià de forma nativa però no nega que siga un dialecte.
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Hey, welcome to my User page! I'm sware, or at least that's how I'm known out there.

I first signed up to Linguifex to act as the curator of the Avendonian language, both in Contionary and the article (now a featured language on Linguifex!), featuring 1,990 entries, 107 subcategories, and 2,258 pages total, including non-lemma forms. The conlang, despite all, was not made by me, but by an acquaintance of mine of a Telegram group. I have been called a “scholar of the language”, which I really like.

My conlanging experience is restricted to a couple of failed attempts, if you even can call it that. Given my lack of skill when it comes to creating a language of my own, I enjoy helping others with theirs—not on a construction level but preserving them, providing them and the potential learners resources, just as this wiki.

As I created entries (languages listed below) which required more complex calculations, I began slowly teaching myself Lua and now I'm kind-of able to write modules from scratch. I'm currently (May 2022) creating Siwa entries, now that the modules and templates are nearly complete.

Any inquiries, please, drop them in my Talk page; I'll reply as soon as possible. Cheers!

Languages covered so far (by date):

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