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Schlomo Schngellstein is the pen name of Do Ngbin /ˈto ᵑ͡ᵐɡ͡bin/ (born fT 2451 in Sirahda, Fyxoom), a Swuntsim-Fyxoomian linguist and conlanger. Schngellstein's linguistic specialty is Hlou-Shum linguistics and diachronics. His main conworld project is Earth. A Sirahda native, he speaks Eevo natively, and he is also fluent in Hlou and Clofabosin. His favorite Trician languages are the Hlou-Shum languages, Talmic languages and Clofabosin.

Schngellstein is currently a graduate student at the University of Sunehnawl in Fyxoom. He is also interested in music and plays the sewvore; his favorite genre of music is Clofabian music.


Schngellstein devised the orthographies currently in use for the Hlou-Shum languages. These were inspired by the orthographies he created for his Earth languages, such as German, Irish, and Greek.



Schngellstein's alt-history languages often use ideas used in his conworld Earth.


Scales endorsed by Schl. Schng.

Meantone, 5edo, 7edo are his favorites. He also likes Sowaázh music.

MOS scales

"Good" generators should not be too close in size to a step of a small EDO.

1 period per octave
  • ~257 cents: 5, 9 note scales
  • ~325 cents: 7 note scales
  • ~350 cents: 7 note scales
  • 436.36~442 cents: 8 note scales
  • ~461 cents: 8 note scales
  • ~500 cents: 5, 7 note scales
  • ~525 cents: 5, 7, 9 note scales