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Script Clofabosin.png
Created byIlL, Praimhín
Early form
  • Clofabian alphabet
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byAtiva-luxedanasnusulfan (ALA)
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cefspirine clofabosib conacin

Clofabosin or Clofabian (English /kloʊˈfæbəsɪn/ kloh-FAB-ə-sin; Clofabosin: ƎΠΔꙞΛỺΔᖵꞰⱵΔLꝨИ clo·fabo·serotin /klofaboˈseɾotin/ 'AUG-river-language', clofaboluxedan /klofaboˈluksedan/ or simply ƎΠΔꙞΛỺΔᖵꝨИ clofabosin /'klofabosin/ [ˈkʰlōfábōsì(n)] 'Clofabian [thing]') is a conlang inspired by drug generic names (international nonproprietary names, such as sertraline for Zoloft). It seeks to answer the question "What if drug names were a language?"

Clofabosin is an agglutinative, fusional-ish language with a consistently head-final grammar. It is the most prominent language in the Clofabic dialect continuum, which also includes the closely related Asvasiran language. Clofabosin is the official language of Clofabolocin ('Clofabian land') and Dodellia (Clofabosin: dodellocridan) in Etalocin.


2018 stem book

2022 addendum

2022 prestems

"Rondexan brolifin lominilin relavex zelextranum exequin zepara duropaz limedropan tulanurifin zepara relavex."

Goal: Duolingo course

  • Siafl·in or Siacl·in (from Lushootseed siʔał or siʔaƛ̕) = Seattle
  • Dalatin, Ultarin, Flanitin, Ilarnecin, Minarin, Sarnatin, Celefavisin, Cadatin
  • platin, poetin
  • clofabosine nibucin futivir or clofabosin nibustim futivir = clofabosin is easy to learn
  • classifier -fos
  • -pred: the entire...
  • -flapon, -filcon
  • -nefa-
  • -pamil: 'full of'
  • -tiazem: place names
  • -(x)antrone (exantrin)
  • more suffixes: -butan, -casan, -fiban, -fentanil, -etanide, -flurane, -ganan, -osuran, -tant, -zotan, -sonan, -xaban <-
some of those affixes should be dialectal
  • Paliperidin (paliperidone) = a Clofabian religious text made up of poetry (palin = line, peridin = collection)


Clofabian script

Clofabosin uses a script known as ativasabatin in Clofabosin, a case-less LTR alphabet, but speakers write in a style of cursive handwriting. It was invented by the lexicographer and poet Ativan Tdap.

The full letter name is used for declining, and the short form (omit the parenthesized part) is used for spelling out words. The alphabetical order is as follows:

  • X: D (do)
  • Ⱶ: R (re)
  • Ŧ: M (mi)
  • Ꙟ: F (fa)
  • ᖵ: S (sol)
  • Π: L (la)
  • L: T (ti)
  • Σ: G (go)
  • H: CH (che)
  • Ш: P (pe)
  • И: N (nar)
  • Ⳙ: V (vi)
  • Ꝟ: TH (tha)
  • Ỻ: B (ba)
  • Ǝ: C (ce)
  • Џ: Z (zu)
  • Ɥ: H (ha)
  • Ꝩ: I (i)
  • Ʞ: E (e)
  • Λ: A (a)
  • Δ: O (o)
  • Ξ: U (u)
  • ᒣ: Y (y)
  • Ɐ: X (ces) (a ligature of C and S)

For sake of aesthetics, in the romanization only personal names are capitalized.

Alphabet Song (spidexostilin)

Do re mi fa sol la ti,
go pe nar vi ba ce zu.
I, e, a o u,
spidexine nibuzole.


Clofabosin uses a base-12 positional numeral system. The digits are as follows:

ɔ ı ʎ ɺ ħ ʕ ʑ ɛ ɴ κ ə ʋ = 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X E

duodecimal point: :

1728's separator (optional): ·


2017 = 1,201dd = ı·ʎɔı

π = 3.184809493b918...dd = ɺ:ıɴħ·ɴɔк·ħкɺ·кʋı·ɴ...


Clofabosin has a small phonemic inventory of 14 consonants and 5 vowels.


Stress is weak and word-initial. The pitch rises from the first syllable of a word to the second syllable, as in Tamil; the overall intonation of Standard Clofabosin is Tamil-like.


Clofabosin consonants
Labial Dental/Alveolar Velar Glottal
Nasal m /m/ n /n/ [ŋ]
Plosive voiceless p /p/ t, th /t/ c, ch, k /k/
voiced b /b/ d /d/ g /g/
Fricative voiceless f, ph /f/ s /s/ [x] (h /h/)
voiced v /v~ʋ~w/ z, (j) /z/
Approximant l, ll /l/
Flap r /ɾ/
  • The letter x is used for the common sequence /ks/.
  • h /h/ occurs only in loanwords.
  • j occurs only in loans and is pronounced identically to z.
  • The spellings th, ch occur in proper names and loans.
  • Syllable-initial /p, t, k/ are lightly aspirated like in Japanese. However, they are unaspirated after /s/.
  • Word-final /b, d, g/ are devoiced to [p, t̪, k]: ustekinumab [ustekinumap] 'welcome'.
  • /n, t, d, l/ are dental.
  • /ɾ/ is normally alveolar [ɾ] or retracted alveolar [ɾ̠], but may be reduced to [ɹ~ɻ] when word-final. It is pronounced as [ʀ~ʁ] in some dialects.
  • /s, z/ are laminal alveolar in standard Clofabosin.
    • /z/ has more dialectal variance: [z ~ dz ~ ʒ ~ dʒ ~ ʐ ~ ɻ ~ j ~ ʝ ~ h].
  • [ŋ] is an allophone of /n/ before velars.
  • /v/ is a labiodental fricative [v] or approximant [ʋ].
    • [w] is an allophone of /v/ after velars /k, g/. It is transliterated qu, gu in this case.
  • /k/ is lenited to [x] after /e, o, a, u/ and [ç] after /i/.
  • In colloquial speech intervocalic /b/ is often deleted or lenited to [w]: clofabosin becomes [klofaosi] or [klofawosi]. The ending -mab is also often pronounced [ma].


Clofabosin vowels
Front Central Back
Close i, y /i/ u /u/
Mid e /e/ o /o/
Open a /a/
  • Word-initial syllables traditionally also had vowel length (marked with an underdot under the vowel in dictionaries), not distinguished by most younger speakers.
  • /u/ is often slightly fronted or compressed. However, in singing it is always fully back rounded [u].
  • /i, u/ are lowered to [ɪ, ʊ] before /ɾ/.
  • /e, o/ are mid [e̞, o̞].
  • /a/ is central [ä].


Clofabosin initial clusters are similar to Latin:

  • XR: pl pr bl br fl fr tr dr cl cr gl gr
  • sC: sp st spr (str is very rare)
  • Others: x (rare)

Historically most instances of me- have changed to ma- or mo-.


Streptomycin accent

  • In the colloquial Streptomycin accent /ɾC/ sequences assimilate into geminates [Cː]: riconercept [ɾikonekkept] 'goodbye'. /n, t, d/ in this position become apical [ɳ, ʈ, ɖ].
  • /z/ may be pronounced [j].
  • Final /n/ is often dropped.

Dodellian accent

Southern Dodellian accent

  • v = [w]
  • f = [x]
  • z = [ɦ] or dropped entirely
  • e o = [ɛ ɔ]

=== "Saigon" accent ==÷



Clofabian nouns can take one of many case clitics, which are not true suffixes. Suffixes for "cases" other than the nominative and the accusative are attached to the combining form of the noun. Plurals are marked with -(a)zin, -(a)z(o)- (e.g. amp·in person, ampazin 'people'; acti·n 'day', actizin 'days'); pluralization is usually reserved for animates, and are never used with numbers or quantifiers.

Consonant stems

efast·in - medicine
Nominative efastin
Accusative efastine
Combining form efast(o)-


Note: Middle Clofabosin -u-in nouns merged with Middle Clofabosin -i-in nouns.

nepi·n - work
Nominative nepin
Accusative nepine
Combining form nepi(n)-


-in, -ine, combining forms -in-(V-) and -u-(C-). Merges with i-stems in spoken Clofab.


torcafen - poet
Nominative torcafen
Accusative torcafene
Combining form torcafe(n)-


Nouns from Asvasiran

atazan - story
Nominative atazan
Accusative atazane
Combining form ataza(n)-

Some noun clitics

  • -fulven = 'until, up to'
  • -setron = 'throughout'
  • -cidib = 'like the X it is'
  • es- = 'only an/the X'
  • -pred = 'X and all, the likes of X'
  • -ribin = 'a couple of', 'an X or two'
  • -ol, -olol = genitive
  • -abine = 'in front of, before'
  • -acetam = 'behind, after'
  • -anserin = 'around'
  • -azepam = 'by means of'
  • -ib = 'in', 'at'
    • Normatively, -ib is not used with weekdays or months - -in is used instead.
  • -one = 'to'
  • -isant = 'from'
  • -ase = 'with'
  • aril- = 'the only X'
  • -arit = 'without', '-less'
  • -adox, -ox = benefactive
  • -stat = 'like'
  • -ast, -ium = 'and'
    • Both -ase and -ast are commonly shortened to -as in the spoken language.
  • -conast = 'than' (< see-CONJ, "after seeing")
  • -imod = emphatic, 'X itself'
  • -coxib = 'between'
  • -cogin = 'inside, amidst'
  • -imex = 'among'
  • -protafib = 'about' (lit. "at the tree-trunk of")
  • -nabant = 'about, regarding, with respect to'
  • -dutant = 'above'
  • -nertant = 'below'
  • -pitant = 'because of'
  • -lubant = 'despite'
  • -tibant = 'through, via'
  • -stinel = 'on behalf of'
  • -antel = 'against'
  • -ampanel/-ampator = 'including'
  • -berel = 'except'
  • -apsel = 'instead of, rather than'
  • -grel, -grelor = 'following, according to"
  • -ac = 'as'
  • -ibat = 'each'
  • -gatran = 'thanks to'
  • -estrant = 'to the right of'
  • -pafant = 'to the left of'
  • -asvir = (bookish) 'by means of', used to mark agent in passive sentences
  • -lisib = outside
  • -pladib = inside
  • -pladone = into
  • alfa, -al: 'X also'
  • -stim = translative, becoming X
  • -xantrone = near
  • -fusp = as X as, used with the equative
  • -ixafor = regardless of, no matter, even with


Personal pronouns

  • endin, valin = 1st, 2nd person singular.
    • It is common to shorten the nominative and accusative forms: endin, endine > en, ene and valin, valine > van, vane.
  • ezin, vazin = 1st, 2nd person plural
  • dapsin, -dapsin = reflexive pronoun


  • cef-, cesin, cerin = this X, this (thing), this (person); colloquially shortened to cen, which also means 'yes'
  • flu-, flusin, flurin = that X, that (thing), that (person); colloquially shortened to flin
  • gli-, glisin, glirin = what X?, what? who? colloquially shortened to glin
  • cef(pa)stat, flu(pa)stat, gli(pa)stat = like this, like that, how
  • cefstavir, flustavir, glistavir = is like this, is like that, how is.../what is it like
  • pred-, presin, prerin = all X, everything, everyone
  • nal-, nasin, narin = many
  • som-, somosin, somorin = some
  • vin-, visin, virin = few
  • rifa-, rifasin, rifarin = another, more, other
  • dex-, dexosin, dexorin = any
  • glirtib, glisertib = when?
  • certib, cefsertib = now
  • flurtib, flusertib = then
  • cefib, flufib, glifib = here, there, where?
    • predicative forms: cefivir, flufivir, glifivir
  • -sin and -rin are used to nominalize genitives and ordinal numbers as well: rivasin = second (thing), rivarin = second (person), amposin = of the person; even the name of the language clofabosin is derived from this construction
  • cef-, flu-, and gli- can be used as object affixes on verbs: for example, fluconazole! means '(I) saw that!' or '(I) saw that person/thing!'
    • cefpavir, flupavir, glipavir = say this, say that, say what


Tense and mood

Clofabosin verbs are completely regular and inflect for tense and mood. Subjects may be omitted, as in Japanese and Korean. In tables below, affixes in parentheses denote non-standard or dialectal forms.

Consonant-stem verbs have the following endings:

  • -avir
  • -umab
  • -azole

For V + b, c, d, g, l, m, n, p, r, s, t + suffix beginning with t:

  • -ptinib, -ctinib, -tinib, -ctinib-, -ltinib, -mtinib, -ntinib, -ptinib, -rtinib, -stinib, -tinib
  • -ptu-, -ctu-, -tu, -ctu-, -ltu-, -mtu-, -ntu-, -ptu-, -rtu-, -stu-, -tu-
Indicative Subjunctive "If" "Only if" "When" "While" Conjunctive Adverbial Resultative Optative "Because" / Quotative
Past -(a)zole [-(a)zol] -(a)zumab -(a)zosartan, -(a)zartan -(a)zobactam -(a)zosertib, -(a)zertib, -(a)zokalant -sermin -(a)zolast -(o)stat -(o)stim, -mostim -(a)mer -pirdine [-piɾdin]
Present -(a)vir -(u)mab, -mumab, -momab, -virumab -sartan -bactam -sertib, -kalant -fermin -lukast -(a)vudine, -(a)virdine, -fenadine
Timeless -tinib -vetmab [vemab] or [veɾmab] -tisartan, -tartan -termin -trodast -tadine, -tidine [-tidin]
Future -cept, -vircept -ximab, -viximab -cisartan, -xartan -xermin -lukast -clidine [-klidin]

somewhat high register; connotes "in view of the fact that..."

The present tense may be optionally inflected for person as follows (though pronouns in the subject force the verb to be in the third person):

Present subject affixes
Singular Plural
1 -virenz [-viɾens] -viroc
2 -virsen -virine
3 -vir

(The present tense also has a mirative form, -virimat.)

Analogously the past tense may be inflected as follows:

Past subject affixes
Singular Plural
1 -(a)zolam, -(a)zam -(a)zole
2 -(a)zole -(a)zoline
3 -(a)zole

The subjunctive is used like the infinitive and imperative in other languages (e.g. stilocamab! 'Sing!'). It can also be used to indicate uncertainty, like "may" or "might".

Yes-no questions are formed by adding the question particle pegol to the subjunctive: zenazumab pegol? (Did he go?). In spoken Clofabosin -mab pegol is often shortened to -mapel or -pel. Wh-questions do not use this ending: cesin gliserotin(avir)? = What language is this?

For realis forms (e.g. indicative, attributive, "when", "while", conjunctive), the negative marker is -fo-: sabafovir 'he does not write'. For irrealis forms (e.g. subjunctive, conditional, optative, verbal noun), the negative marker is -tu(mo)-: sabatumab!, sabatumumab! or sabatumomab! means 'Don't write!'

  • 'can' (ability) uses -tecan (inflected as if it were -tecavir; the attributive is -taxel)
    • For the related sense "can do X [noun]" or "know how to do X", use X atevir (dative-stative; cf. Japanese dekiru).
  • 'must' uses -mab tiuxetan (spoken Clofabosin: -matixan); the subject is put into the dative.
    • Interrogative: usually -mab tiuxetanupel? or -matixapel?
    • -tumab tiuxetan means 'must not'.
  • 'should' uses -mab cituxetan (spoken Clofabosin: -macituxan or -macixan)
  • 'may' (permission) uses -mab vedotin (spoken Clofabosin: -mavertin)
    • Interrogative: usually -mab vedotinupel? or -mavertipel?
    • -tumab vedotin means 'doesn't have to'.
  • 'is worth' uses -xaban
  • 'probably' uses -mab merpentan
  • 'right when' uses -fingol or -zofingol
  • Emphasis or agreement uses -toxa-/-toxu-: Ene nelcatoxaximab pegol? means 'Will he really love me?'
  • There is an archaic imperative -kinra.
  • "regardless of" uses -mab elucaine.

The verbal noun uses the suffix -cin/-kin/-kiren. For negating verbal nouns, -tucin is used: Gositucin guancumavir 'Not giving is worse'.

The desiderative uses the following suffixes:

Indicative Subjunctive
Past -prazole, (-prozole, -prole) -prazumab
Present -profen, -previr, (-provir) -promab
Timeless -protinib -provetmab
Future -procept -proximab

For example, raxin plocaprofen. = 'I want to drink water.'

For "I want [noun]", the verb used depends on the context: for example, "I want a car" is translated as fusnan ibuprofen ("I want to have a car"), and "I want an apple" is rendered olpan spoprofen ("I want to eat an apple").

The desiderative can also be used for dative-stative (the "logical subject" is in the dative) verbs with 1st person logical subjects:

  • endone clofabosinatecaprofen. = 'I want to be able to speak Clofabosin.'

Predicate nouns can fill in for both cytavir (copula) and keravir (to exist). The predicative is formed by replacing the final -n in the nominative case of a noun with the following suffixes (which can be omitted):

Predicative suffixes
Affirmative indicative Negative indicative Affirmative subjunctive Negative subjunctive
Past -nazole -fozole -nazumab -tuzumab
Present -navir -fovir -numab -tumab
Timeless -natinib -fotinib -navetmab -tuvetmab
Future -nercept, -navircept -focept -naximab -tuximab

The copular verb cytavir (often shortened to tavir in colloquial Clofabosin) may also be used. For example: endin voprafenavir and endin voprafen cytavir both mean "I am a teacher". Using cytavir is necessary when using an oblique case NP as a predicate: Endin funanetamib cytavir. 'I am in my bedroom.'

The predicative and desiderative suffixes may be fused as follows:

Indicative Subjunctive
Past -noprazole -noprazumab
Present -noprofen -nopromab
Timeless -noprotinib -noprovetmab
Future -noprocept -noproximab

For example: endin voprafenoprofen means "I want to be a teacher".

Attributive verbs

Attributive verbs are used to form relative clauses. They may be formed with the following suffixes:

Indicative Desiderative
Past -zil (-pidil) -prozil
Present -dil -pril
Timeless -tril, -til -protil
Future -cil -pracil

For example, clorodil taxin means 'a big book'; endin drepazil taxin means 'the book that I've read'.

Nominalized attributives have the following forms:

Indicative Desiderative
Past -zil·in -prozil·in
Present -dil·in -pril·in
Timeless -tril·in -protil·in
Future -cil·in -pracil·in
Tenseless -(a)n·in -pran·in

Derivational suffixes

The suffix -tin, -t(o)- is used as a patientive: spovir 'eat' → spotin 'food', inosivir 'dwell, inhabit' → inositin 'apartment'

The suffix -(o)cavir 'do' may be used to "verb" nouns or borrowed words: for example, spuisocavir means 'He plays the sbwiþ (a Talmic plucked instrument with sympathetic strings)'.


The suffixes -li and -ca are used to form the passive resp. causative forms. (e.g. spovir 'eat' > spolivir 'is eaten').

There is also a less productive causative affix -si, which causes umlaut. (e.g. spesivir 'to feed' from spovir)


  • bol- = 'too much'
  • clo- = 'very'
  • luta- = equative ("as X as"); also a suffective ("sufficiently X")
    • "X like Y" uses Y-ac (luta-)X
    • "as X as Y" uses Y-filcon (luta-)X
    • "X enough for Y" uses Y-one luta-X
  • guan- = comparative (optional when there is a comparandum, which is marked with -conast)
  • peg- = superlative

gadovir 'good' has an irregular comparative and superlative: adip.avir and dip.avir.

For example, Scelasin tricib pegnibulidil serotinavir. means 'Skellan is the world's most studied language.'

Auxiliary verbs

  • -bendavir 'to inadvertently X, to end up X-ing, to finish X-ing' (< 'to fall')
  • -conavir 'to try X-ing' (< 'to see')
  • -ciclovir 'to receive someone's X-ing; to benefit from someone's X-ing' (< 'to receive')
  • -floxavir 'to refuse to X'
  • -gosivir 'to X for someone' (< 'to give')
  • -nidavir 'to X in advance' (< 'to place')
  • -spovir 'to X for one's own benefit' (< 'to eat')
  • -codavir 'to out-X' (< 'to surpass')

Other affixes

  • -campator 'instead of (verb)-ing'
  • -cillin: 'let alone'
  • -cog: cohortative
    • Ilocog! 'Let's play!'
    • En alfa spocog! 'Let me eat it too!'
  • ri-: 'again, re-'
  • -trexed: 'the more...'
  • -nesib: 'by X-ing'
  • -parin: like -vudine eparin
  • -ro- = perfect tense, -xi- = future in the present/...


Clofabosin uses a base-10 numeral system. For attributive numerals the -in is replaced with the classifier suffix -fos: for example, esin becomes esofos. The -avir suffix is used to build ordinals; -il is also an ordinal suffix but is used in compounds.

The counting numbers:

  • 0: viuzan
  • 1: esin (inanimate), erin (animate)
    • "first" is sulcavir, sulcil
  • 2: ribin
  • 3: salin
  • 4: lopin
  • 5: orfin
  • 6: quibin/quin
  • 7: zolin
  • 8: tixin
  • 9: vadin
  • 10: clutin
  • 11: clutesin
  • 12: cluribin
  • 13: clusalin
  • 14: clulopin
  • 15: clutorfin
  • 16: cluquibin/cluquin
  • 17: cluzolin
  • 18: clutixin
  • 19: cluvadin
  • 20: resvin
  • 30: tebin
  • 40: prolin
  • 50: aruzin
  • 60: quidin
  • 70: zoledin
  • 80: tixedin
  • 90: varedin
  • 100: sanin
  • 1000: ictin

Short attributive forms: efos, rifos, salfos, lofos, orfos, quifos, zofos, tifos, vafos, clufos


Clofabosin is almost completely head-final, and has SOV as the unmarked word order.

endol maximaxine nelcavir.
I love my grandmother.


  • beta = but

Existence clauses

For expressing existence the verb kera- "to exist" is used.

etamib suxitin keravir.
There is a picture on the wall.

Liking and wanting

Clofabosin expresses "I like Y" by the construction Y dasavir.

olpan dasavir.
I like apples. (cf. Japanese Ringo ga suki da.)

"I like to do Y" can similarly be expressed with Y-cin dasavir.

faldicin dasavir.
I like swimming.

For "X likes Y" the construction X-NOM Y-ACC dasabuvir is used.

Lunesta olpane dasabuvir.
Lunesta likes apples.

Similarly for desideratives:

olpan spoprofen.
I want an apple. (cf. Japanese Ringo ga tabetai.)
Lunesta olpan spoprobuvir.
Lunesta wants an apple.

Cause clauses

Cause clauses are formed with the quotative.

Complement clauses

Complement clauses ("that + [statement]" in English) are formed using the quotative. The bare quotative is enough when using it with a "quoting" verb such as epavir 'say' or atrivir 'believe'. To use the complement clause as a noun eparin, the verbal noun of epavir, is often used: Felavudine eparin vocivir. 'I don't like the fact that it's cold'.

Purpose clauses

Purpose clauses can be formed with -DESID + -QUOT (-provudine in the present tense and -propirdine in the past tense). Colloquially -RES (-stim/-mostim) can be used.

drepatine clofabosinaprovudine fumazole.
drepa-t-ine clofab-osi-na-pro-vudine fuma-zole
He bought the book in order to be able to speak Clofabosin. (lit. ... saying "I want to be able to speak Clofabosin")

In the first person -DESID + -CONJ can be used (-prolukast in the present tense and -prazolast in the past tense).

Tense agreement

Tense agreement states that dependent clauses must have the same tense as the main clause.

endozopin obinutuzumab, predsertib diralizole.
So that my body might not be dirty, I always got washed.

Derivational morphology

  • -bendan: '-ization'
  • -cavir: verbs nouns, like Japanese suru
  • bol-, -bol-: too much
  • -ici·n: diminutive
  • clo-: augmentative
  • des-: apart, dis-
  • -entan: -liness, -ability
  • -myci·n: -ability
  • -stat·in: abstract noun
    • rovastat·in 'knowledge' < rovavir 'be known'
  • -t·in: patient noun
  • -ax·in: instrument
  • -st·in: instrument
  • -fen: agentive
  • -siban: agentive
  • -dan: nominalizer
  • -prazan: place noun
  • -sulfan: institutions
  • -fluran: agentive
  • gado-: eu-, well
  • mito-: dys-, mis-
  • -ex·in: collective
  • -fax·in: collective (< afaxin 'forest')
  • iod-/io-: ur-
  • -triptan: -ness (degree)
  • -pivir: adjectivizer
  • -amivir: full of, frequentative
  • -fravir: tending to do/be X
  • -luvir: made of X
  • -vaptan: method
  • -lesovir: X-less
  • ar-: un-


Compound nouns can be of the form noun+noun or verb+noun.

Foreign words

Loaned nouns and names are declined as follows:

  • nom: Aleve, Lipitor
  • acc: Aleve:ne, Lipitor:ine (colloquially Lipitor:e)
  • gen: Aleve:nol, Lipitor:ol
  • "except": Aleve:berel, Lipitor:oberel

Sample texts

Saturday Night Live skit


2004-procib rufiporfib cefsulfan "Seasonique" 'dine efastine ceprazole. Flufabine 1997-procib endin cibine ibuzole. Seasonique:one abacamab dapivirenz!


cefoxitin Tylenol:ine savtuprazanib irinostim minzatinercept!

cefditoren (national anthem of Clofabolocin)


cefditoren rupalimab,
ziruvenin conalimab,
apizanol vactolepin,
boracenol seprabuctan,
soxaplatril pelonosvan,
Clofabol campotril raxin,
Picumenol empalocib
predampafib butilimab.

May This Ditoren

May this ditoren (an instrument) be heard,
The beautiful enin (a bird) be seen,
The sweetness of the apizan (a fruit),
The fragrant buctan (a flower) of the rainforest,
The gentle breezes of the north,
The cooling waters of the Clofabin (the river),
Be felt by every soul in the homeland of Picumen (a historical figure).

Hippocratic Oath

Novartis efafenium GlaxoSmithKline:ium Astrazeneca:nium Amgen:ium pretropazone adrovirenz. fluvolazine conasibastim calukast, atecium bixocogrelor cefadrotium cefsapacium trimavirenz.

endorosnifene cefblisib zocrafestat conalukast; moctib pristinalukast; minzatin tenosartan flurase tazelukast; flurupline dapsoruxizac conalukast uplone cefblisine nibuprosartan minzatine levo sapacine medofolukast nibucalukast; aril-dapsoblosazonium rosnifenol blosazonium cefadrotine demazil derotranazone, enilarbene alfa rebasium predrifastat rosnicine gosivirenz; beta dexrifarazone cefcafovirenz.

Tower of Babel

  1. sertib pretricib ampazone esofos luxedanium esofos serotinazole.
  2. ampazin docelone distusermin, Sinar:ib elcalocine pidezolast flufib letazole.
  3. ampazin aferone epazilin: "capline galelukast gadotovacacog." fluzin capline uldac epsozolast cispine braxistac epsozole.
  4. cefast epazilin: "benzine fexolukast cesopladib vexafulven mixicil piroline fexocog. ezastiline rupacalukast pretricosetron amitilitucog."
  5. beta tropin ampazin fexozil benzium piroline carsapropirdine binizole.
  6. tropin epazilin: "esofos metin esofos luxedane serolukast cefcastim draxorovir. cefkalant fluzin glicapromab elucaine octatecaforcept."
  7. binilukast fluluxedane nivalukast, fluzin aferine mavritumab cacog."
  8. cefast tropin flufisant fluzine pretricosetron amitizolast, fluzin benzine fexocine idozole.
  9. cefase flubenzone "Bavel" epatinib. calan tropin flufib pretricol luxedane nivarotidine eparin. flufisant tropin fluzine pretricosetron amitizole.
sertib pretricib ampazone esofos luxedanium esofos serotinazole.
sertib pre-tric-ib amp-az-one esofos luxedan-ium esofos sero-t-ina-zole
time-LOC all-world-LOC person-PL-DAT one language-and one speak-NOMZ-COP-PST.IND
ampazin docelone distusermin, Sinar:ib elcalocine pidezolast flufib letazole.
amp-az-in docel-one distu-sermin, Sinar-ib elca-loc-ine pide-zolast fluf-ib let-azole
person-PL-NOM east-DAT move-PST.while Shinar-LOC flat-land-ACC find-PST.CONJ there-LOC settle-PST.IND
ampazin aferone epazilin: "capline galelukast gadotovacacog." fluzin capline uldac epsozolast cispine braxistac epsozole.
amp-az-in afer-one epa-zil-in: capl-ine gale-lukast gado-tovaca-cog. fluz-in capl-ine uld-ac epso-zolast cisp-ine braxist-ac epso-zole
person-PL-NOM each_other-DAT say-PST.ATTR-NOM brick-ACC make-PRES.CONJ well-fire-COHORT that.PL-NOM brick-ACC stone-as use-PST.CONJ tar-ACC cement-CONJ use-PST.IND
cefast epazilin: "benzine fexolukast cesopladib vexafulven mixicil piroline fexocog. ezastiline rupacalukast pretricosetron amitilitucog."
cefast epa=zil-in: benz-ine fexo-lukast ceso-pladib vexa-fulven mixi-cil pirol-ine fexo-cog ez-astili-ne rupa-ca-lukast pre-trico-setron amiti-li-tu-cog
then say-PST.ATTR-NOM city-ACC build-PRES.CONJ that.SG.INAN-inside sky-until rise-FUT.ATTR tower-ACC build-COHORT 1PL-name-ACC hear-CAUS-FUT.CONJ whole-world-throughout scatter-PASS-NEG.IRR-COHORT
beta tropin ampazin fexozil benzium piroline carsapropirdine binizole.
beta trop-in amp-az-in fexo-zil benz-ium pirol-ine carsa-pro-pirdine bini-zole
but god-NOM person-PL-NOM build-PST.ATTR city-and tower-ACC observe-DES-PST.QUOT descend-PST.IND
tropin epazilin: "esofos metin esofos luxedane serolukast cefcastim draxorovir. cefkalant fluzin glicapromab elucaine octatecaforcept."
trop-in epa-zil-in eso-fos met-in eso-fos luxeda-ne sero-lukast cef-ca-stim draxo-ro-vir cef-kalant fluz-in gli-ca-promab elucaine octa-teca-for-cept
god-NOM say-PST.ATTR-NOM one-CLF tribe-NOM one-CLF language-ACC speak-PRES.CONJ this-do-RES start-PERF-PRES.IND this-in_view_of that.PL-NOM what-do-DES.PRES.SUBJ regardless_of that.PL-ACC prevent-can-NEG-FUT
binilukast fluluxedane nivalukast, fluzin aferine mavritumab cacog."
bini-lukast flu-luxeda-ne niva-lukast fluz-in afer-ine mavri-tu-mab cacog
descend-PRES.CONJ their-language-ACC confuse-PRES.CONJ that.PL-NOM each_other-ACC understand-NEG.IRR-SUBJ do-COHORT
cefast tropin flufisant fluzine pretricosetron amitizolast, fluzin benzine fexocine idozole.
cefast trop-in fluf-isant fluz-ine pre-trico-setron amiti-zolast fluz-in benz-ine fexo-cine ido-zole
then god-NOM there-from that.PL-ACC whole-world-throughout scatter-PST.CONJ that.PL-NOM city-ACC build-VN-ACC stop-PST.IND
cefase flubenzone "Bavel" epatinib. calan tropin flufib pretricol luxedane nivarotidine eparin. flufisant tropin fluzine pretricosetron amitizole.
cefase flu-benz-one B. epa-tinib cala-n trop-in fluf-ib pre-tric-ol luxeda-ne niva-ro-tidine epar-in fluf-isant trop-in fluz-ine pre-trico-setron amiti-zole
hence that-city-DAT B. say-GNOM.IND reason-NOM god-NOM there-LOC whole-world-GEN language-ACC confuse-PERF-GNOM.QUOT saying-NOM there-from god-NOM whole-world-throughout scatter-PST.IND


tibazolam, conazolam, urazolam.

Qui bibit, sanctus est

plocatrilin certolitinib.
certolutrilin surnacafotinib.
surnacafotrilin profitinib.
cefase plocatrilin profitinib.

Qui bibit, dormit;
Qui dormit, non peccat;
Qui non peccat, sanctus est;
Ergo qui bibit, sanctus est.

Hamlet soliloquy

moxicin levo moxifloxacin, flusimod frunecin.
To be or not to be (lit. to live or to refuse to live), that is the question.

The North Wind and the Sun

peloclevinast grian

peloclevinast grian aferin dapsimod guanorlitidine cecroxazosertib dacizil pevuxazepam fidozil ilpefen lacufizole. fluribin ilpefenol pevuxine sulcib nilpacazil flurin guanorlitidine lepsolizumab sumacazole. peloclevin predcoxine grebimostim olmezole beta olmezartan olmetrexed ilpefen zopinanserin pevuxine guanfamizole. cefoxitin peloclevin tiabendazole. flusertib grian dacizil varine mocazofingol ilpefen pevuxine nilpazole. flukalant peloclevin grianimod guanorlitidine stiunizumab quinulizole.


peloclevinast grian
[peloklevinast gɾian]
pelo-clevin-ast gria-n
north-wind-and sun-NOM

The North Wind and the Sun
peloclevinast grian aferin dapsimod guanorlitidine croxazosertib dacizil pevuxazepam fidozil ilpefen lacufizole.
[peloxlevinast grian afeɾin dapsimot gwanoɾlitidine kɾoksazoseɾtip daxizil pevuksazepam fidozil ilpefen laxufizol]
pelo-clevin-ast gria-n afer-in daps-imod guan-orli-tidine croxa-zosertib, daci-zil pevu-st-azepam fido-zil ilpe-fe-n lacufi-zole
north-wind-and sun-NOM each_other-NOM self-EMPH COMP-strong-GNOM.QUOT have_an_argument-PST.when warm-PAST.ATTR cover-INSTRUMENT-INST wear-PST.ATTR travel-AGT-NOM run_into-PST.IND

The north wind and the sun were arguing, each claiming to be the stronger one, when a traveler wearing a warm cloak happened upon the scene.
fluribin ilpefenol pevuxine sulcib nilpacazil flurin guanorlitidine lepsolizumab sumacazole.
[fluɾibin ilpefenol pevuksine sulkip nilpaxazil fluɾin gwanoɾlitidine lepsolizumap sumaxazol]
flu-ribin ilpefen-ol pevux-ine sulcib nilpa-ca-zil flur-in guan-orli-tidine lepso-li-zumab sumaca-zole.
that-two-NOM traveler-GEN cloak-ACC first take_off-CAUS-PST.ATTR that-NOM COMP-strong-GNOM.QUOT consider-PASS-PST.SBJV unite-PST.IND

The two agreed that the one who first made the traveler take off his cloak should be considered stronger.
peloclevin predcoxine grebimostim olmezole beta olmezartan olmetrexed ilpefen zopinanserin pevuxine guanfamizole.
[peloxlevin pɾetkoxsine gɾebimostim olmezol beta olmezaɾtan olmetɾekset ilpefen zopinanseɾin pevuksine gwanfamizol]
Pelo-clevi-n pred-cox-ine grebi-mostim olme-zole beta olm-azartan olme-trexed ilpefe-n zopin-anserin pevux-ine guan-fami-zole.
north-wind-NOM all-strength-ACC put_in-RES blow-PST.IND but blow-PST.COND blow-the_more traveler-NOM body-around cloak-ACC more-wrap-PST.IND

The north wind blew with all his strength, but the more he blew the more did the traveler wrapped his cloak around his body.
cefoxitin peloclevin tiabendazole.
[kefoxsitin peloxlevin tiabendazol]
cef-oxit-in pelo-clevi-n tia-benda-zole
this-end-NOM north-wind-NOM let_go-end_up-PAST

In the end, the north wind gave up.
flusertib grian dacizil varine mocazofingol ilpefen pevuxine nilpazole.
[fluseɾtip grian daxizil vaɾine moxazofingol ilpefen pevuksine nilpazol]
flu-sertib gria-n daci-zil vari-ne moca-zofingol ilpefe-n pevux-ine nilpa-zole
that-when sun-NOM warm-PST.ATTR light-ACC radiate-PST.moment traveler-NOM cloak-ACC take_off-PST.IND

Then, right when the sun shone out warm light, the traveler took off his cloak.
flukalant peloclevin grianimod guanorlitidine stiunizumab quinulizole.
[flukalant peloxlevin grianimot gwanoɾlitidine stiunizumap kwinulizol]
flu-kalant pelo-clevi-n grian-imod guan-orli-tidine stiuni-zumab quinu-li-zole
that-in_view_of north-wind-NOM sun-EMPH COMP-strong-GNOM.QUOT confess-PST.SBJV constrain-PASS-PST.IND

Thus the north wind was forced to acknowledge that it was the sun who is stronger.

UDHR, Article 1

predampin zocralitril sertisant coplitrodast tulcast pitanabant inflitinib. ampin ziudixisant cetirizast dapsolopritine ciclotrodast, aferone ruxinelol temazepam evicovetmab tiuxetan.

predampin zocralitril sertisant coplitrodast tulcast pitanabant inflitinib.
[pɾedampin zokɾalitril seɾtisant koplitɾodast tulkast pitanabant inflitinip]
pred-amp-in zocra-li-tril sert-imod copli-trodast tulc-ast pita-nabant infli-tinib
all-human-NOM give_birth-PASS-GNOM.ATT time-ABL free-GNOM.CONJ worth-and entitlement-regarding equal-GNOM.IND

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
ampin ziudixisant cetirizast dapsolopritine ciclotrodast, aferone ruxinelol temazepam evicovetmab tiuxetan.
[ampin ziudiksisant ketiɾizast dapsolopɾitine kiklotɾodast ǀ afeɾon ɾuksinelol temazepam evikovemap tiuksetan]
amp-in ziudix-imod cetiriz-ast dapso-lopri-t-ine ciclo-trodast, afer-one ruxi-nel-ol tem-azepam evico-tumab tiuxetan
human-NOM nature-ABL rationality-and self-control-NOMZ-ACC receive-GNOM.CONJ, each_other-DAT brother-love-GEN spirit-PL.INST act-GNOM.SUBJ must

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Featured banner

cefluxedan esertib natalizole.
[kefluksedan eseɾtip natalizol]
cef-lukseda-n e-sert-ib nata-li-zole
this-language-NOM one-time-LOC display-PASS-PST.IND

This language was once featured.
fedostatium darusentanium epsostogatran, natalizumab procalizole.
[fedostatium daɾusentanium epsostogatɾan, natalizumap pɾoxalizol]
fedo-stat-ium darusentan-ium epso-sto-gatɾan, nata-li-zumab proca-li-zole
fine-ABS-and realism-and use-INST-thanks_to, display-PASS-PAST.SBJV choose-PASS-PST.IND

Thanks to its quality, plausibility and usage features, it was voted to be featured.

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