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Akaadi is the primary proto-language which would evolve into Marêngil.


Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m /m/ n /n/
Plosive p /p/ t /t/ d /d/ k /k/
Fricative f /f/ s /s/ c /ɕ/ x /x/
Affricate z /t͡s/ ch /t͡ɕ/
Tap/Flap r /r/

Front Middle Back
Close i /i/ ii /i:/ u /u/ uu /u:/
Mid /ə/
Open a /a/ aa /a:/

The sound /ə/ occurs on any syllable directly following a stressed syllable.


Stress usually falls on the ultimate or final syllable, unless otherwise shown. If the stress falls on a syllable other than the last syllable, it is shown with an acute (´) above the nucleus of the syllable and the following vowel will be destressed (ə). A long vowel (aa, ii, uu) will always take on stress, no matter the placement in a word, however, the following syllable does not become destressed as with other situations.