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Lengua Kestelei
Pronunciation[lengwɛ kɛsteleɪ]
Created by
Native toSouthwest Pannonia, around Castellum and Aquincum
EraLate 5th century AD into mid 11th century AD
Early form
Language codes
ISO 639-1cst
ISO 639-2cst
ISO 639-3kst

Castellic (Lengua Kestelei) was a Romance Language spoken in the Southwest of Pannonia between the 5th and 11th centuries in and around the city of Kesty (Castellum, Kestel) as well as Odypec (Aquincum, Akuęk).

While the majority of the Latin-speaking population of Pannonia had been killed or assimilated following waves of nomadic groups migrating into the Western Steppe during the Migration Period, Romance speaking communities managed to maintain a continued existence in fortified cities, the largest of which was the city of Castellum. By the 7th century the area of Lake Balaton had been overrun by Slavic tribes, with the cities falling under the control of Slavic warlords. The Romance language of Castellum fell into minority status by the 9th century, with the last documents in the language appearing in the 11th century, before all documents and references to Castellic cease to exist by the middle of the century.

The most enduring element of the language has been its contribution to the local dialect of Pannonian spoken in the city of Kesty, as well as giving the city its name. There have been attempts by local Kestians to revive the language for daily use, however, none have caught on.


External History

Castellic is an attempt to create a Romance language spoken in the South of Pannonia to use as a substrate for the dominant Pannonian language of the area, particularly for the very Latin-influenced Kesty dialect.




Castellic alphabet
A a B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i K k L l M m N n
[a] [be] [t͡ʃe] [de] [ɛ] [ɛf] [ʒe] [at͡ʃ] [i] [ke] [ɛl] [ɛm] [ɛn]
O o P p R r S s T t U u V v W w Z z
[o] [pe] [ɛr] [ɛs] [te] [u] [ve] [ve dopleku] [zɛd]










Constituent order

Noun phrase

Verb phrase

Sentence phrase

Dependent clauses

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