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Created byJukethatbox
SettingSleeping Bull
Native toChub Nation
EthnicityChub people
  • Southern Velar
    • Ugwinda(?)
      • West Ugwinda
        • Chub
Official status
Official language in
Sleeping Bull Confederacy
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Chub(wja:cǫbʼ, Chub: [w̯jäː.t͡ʃɤp̚]), also called Wjaa, is a Southern Velar Ogbami language spoken by the Chub people of the Sleeping Bull Confederacy. The language, and to an extent the people, are sometimes called Kachur, though this is a Gnu word that is generally considered offensive by most Chub people.



Rivalry with the Gnu

The Chub people(wja:cǫbani) and the Gnu people(ñgnwə) have historically been(and still are) bitter enemies. The exact reason varies by account: Some say that the Gnu and Chub were originally one people under the Ugwinda culture that inhabited both sides of the Ogbami river, until the Gnu, whose name meant "the east river bank" in Ugwinda, rebelled and caused the collapse of the unified culture. This is the narrative often cited among the Chub people. The Gnu, on the other hand, claim the opposite: that instead the Chub, whose name means "the concave side of a river meander"(referring to the capital of the Chub, Ujkǫ:jŋ, meaning "tip of the curve") in Ugwinda, split from the Ugwinda and caused the collapse of the people.

In reality, both narratives are probably wrong. The Ugwinda certainly existed; and the Chub and the Gnu probably did split from early Ugwinda cultures. However, the split was probably caused by the Jyygcyl Event, where the Ogbami river, specifically around the Ugwinda meanders(where the namesake culture developed), flooded massively, permanently expanding the river. This physically split the already diverging West(Chub) and East(Gnu) Ugwinda cultures, and a few centuries later the two cultures had diverged to unrecognisability.



Bilabial/Labiodental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Plosive pulmonic p (b) t d k g ʔ
no audible release t̚ (d̚)
Nasal m n ŋ
Affricate t͡ʃ d͡ʒ
Fricative pulmonic f~v s z ʝ x~h
labialised sʷ zʷ
(Lateral) Approximant l (ʍ) w