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mois de la Crouet
Created by IlL, Praimhín
Setting Verse:Tricin
Region Bjeheond
Language family
  • Clooa

Clooa (natively mois de la Crouet /mø̌ dē lā qòəʔ/ 'language of the Clooa people'; Clooa is the Eevo name, pronounced /ˈkʟɔʊə/ or in English KLOH-uh) is a Hlou-Shum language inspired by Hmong, French and Aramaic. The word mois (language) is cognate with Tlu χμωωβ.


  • entroix = bubble
  • bin = house
  • jaine = now
  • dois = to play (an instrument)
  • jaicq = noise
  • soi = I
  • zine = you
  • choucq = live
  • daux = what
  • Jaicq entroix tain zo daux jaine? = What is this bubble noise, now?


p b t d c g f v z s tz ts ch h m n gn l r j = /p b t d k g f v s ʃ ts tʃ x h m n ɲ ŋ ʀ j/

Cr = pharyngealized versions of p, b, t, d, c, g, f, v, z, s, tz, ts, ch, m, n; /kˁ gˁ xˁ/ are effectively /q ɢ χ/

a e i o u ai oi ui ou eu au aie oue = /a e i o u ɛ ø y ow ew aw eə oə/


  • 0 = mid level
  • n = falling
  • ne = low
  • s = rising
  • ns = dipping
  • (e)nt = stød
  • cq = glottal stop, high tone

at et it ot ut ait aiet ouet = a e i o u ɛ eə oə + glottal stop, low tone

oux eux aux aix oix uix = /owkp ewkp awkp ɛwkp økp ykp/

em-/en- = prenasalization

Tone sandhi


Clooa is VSO or VOS with the difference being tone sandhi on the subject after the verb.

la = plural particle


A few Clooa nouns have separate construct state forms.

The word for "of" is du before singular nouns, and de la before plural nouns.


Person Singular Dual Plural
1 soi
2 zine