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Alternative forms


From Middle Anrish bin, from Old Anrish bin, bien, from Proto-Germanic *bi and *in


(Anrish) IPA: /bi/



bætíe. (A cat in a sink.)
  • (+ common)
  1. into (allative)
    Gnúð lau brókar mír.
    Water got into my boots
  2. indicating an order or arrangement
    Aunt ǽrr hereð tíl!
    Form a line!
  • (+ dative)
  1. expressing containment, inside, within
    Is lúa bætíne.
    The cat is in the sink
  2. denoting a state of the subject
    Is y Comene.
    He is in a coma.
  3. indicates means, medium, format, genre, or instrumentality, (of a text, speech etc.) a language, script, tone etc.
    Aunt tilteð rúá!
    Write in runes!"
  • (+ genitive)
  1. indicates, connotatively, a place-like form of someone's (or something's) personality, as their psychic and physical characteristics
    Is nǽð ír bin-ǫra.
    You have a friend in me.