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From Middle Skundavisk beginnen, from Old Skundavisk biginnan, from Halmisk biginnan, from Proto-Germanic *biginnaną. The original root verb *ginnan is not attested in any Halmisk text.


IPA: /bɘɟɪnɘn/


beginnen (class 3 strong, third-person singular simple present beginnt, past tense begann, past participle begunnen, past subjunctive begænne, auxiliary haven)

  1. to begin, to start
    Si begannen te feghten.
    They began to fight.


infinitive beginnen
present participle beginnend
past participle begunnen
auxiliary haven
indicative subjunctive
present ik beginne wi beginnen ik beginne wi beginnen
thou beginnst ji beginnt thou beginnst ji beginnt
hi, si, hit beginnt si, Si beginnen hi, si, hit beginne si, Si beginnen
preterit ik begann wi begannen ik begænne wi begænnen
thou begannst ji begannt thou begænnest ji begænnet
hi, si, hit begann si, Si begannen hi, si, hit begænne si, Si begænnen
imperative beginn beginnt (ji)

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