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From Middle Skundavisk blāsen, from Old Skundavisk blāsan, blēsan, from Halmisk blēsan, from Proto-Germanic *blēsaną.


IPA: /blo:sɘn/


blåsen (class 7 strong, third-person singular simple present blæst, past tense bles, past participle geblåsen, past subjunctive blese, auxiliary haven)

  1. to blow
    The wind was hard blåsend.
    The wind was blowing hard.


infinitive blåsen
present participle blåsend
past participle geblåsen
auxiliary haven
indicative subjunctive
present ik blåse wi blåsen ik blåse wi blåsen
thou blæsst ji blåst thou blæsst ji blåst
hi, si, hit blæst si, Si blåsen hi, si, hit blåse si, Si blåsen
preterit ik bles wi blesen ik blese wi blesen
thou blesst ji blest thou blesest ji bleset
hi, si, hit bles si, Si blesen hi, si, hit blese si, Si blesen
imperative blås blåst (ji)

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