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From Middle Skundavisk bringen, from Old Skundavisk bringan, from Halmisk bringan, from Proto-Germanic *bringaną.


IPA: /brɪɳɘn/


bringen (mixed, third-person singular simple present bringt, past tense braghte, past participle gebraght, past subjunctive bræghte, auxiliary haven)

  1. to bring
    Bring mir een glas af water, bidde.
    Bring me a glass of water please.


infinitive bringen
present participle bringend
past participle gebraght
auxiliary haven
indicative subjunctive
present ik bringe wi bringen ik bringe wi bringen
thou bringst ji bringt thou bringst ji bringt
hi, si, hit bringt si, Si bringen hi, si, hit bringe si, Si bringen
preterit ik braghte wi braghten ik bræghte wi bræghten
thou braghtest ji braghtet thou bræghtest ji bræghtet
hi, si, hit braghte si, Si braghten hi, si, hit bræghte si, Si bræghten
imperative bring bringt (ji)

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