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From Middle Skundavisk brinnen, from Old Skundavisk brinnan, from Halmisk brinnan, from Proto-Germanic *brinnaną.


IPA: /brɪnɘn/


brinnen (class 3 strong, third-person singular simple present brinnt, past tense brann, past participle gebrunnen, past subjunctive brænne, auxiliary haven)

  1. (intransitive) to burn
    Thet ålde hous brann thet læteste jår.
    The old house burnt last year.


infinitive brinnen
present participle brinnend
past participle gebrunnen
auxiliary haven
indicative subjunctive
present ik brinne wi brinnen ik brinne wi brinnen
thou brinnst ji brinnt thou brinnst ji brinnt
hi, si, hit brinnt si, Si brinnen hi, si, hit brinne si, Si brinnen
preterit ik brann wi brannen ik brænne wi brænnen
thou brannst ji brannt thou brænnest ji brænnet
hi, si, hit brann si, Si brannen hi, si, hit brænne si, Si brænnen
imperative brinn brinnt (ji)

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