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From Nentammmi *ggah.




  1. to dishearten, to discourage, to deter
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gax⁴ inflection
INF/IMPRS sigax-⁴ FORM/QUOT -ën-¹ sigax⁴ CAUS -gaxlöy-⁴ AG gaxyi-⁴ GER gaxtikw-⁴ N (Quality) gaxhu-⁴ ADJ (Consistency) -gaxox⁴ ADJ (Similarity) -gaxne⁴ ADJ (Tendency) -nwögax⁴ PTCP sigax-⁴ hos
1 senggaxi⁴ segaxi⁴ sekwgaxi⁴ selgaxi⁴ saggaxi⁴ sogaxi⁴ sekgaxi⁴ senggax⁴ segax⁴ sekwgax⁴ selgax⁴ saggax⁴ sogax⁴ sekgax⁴ senggaxsi⁴ segaxsi⁴ sekwgaxsi⁴ selgaxsi⁴ saggaxsi⁴ sogaxsi⁴ sekgaxsi⁴
2 kwënggaxi⁴ kwërgaxi⁴ kwësgaxi⁴ kwëkwgaxi⁴ kwëlgaxi⁴ kwën'gaxi⁴ kwogaxi⁴ kwësgaxi⁴ kwënggax⁴ kwërgax⁴ kwësgax⁴ kwëkwgax⁴ kwëlgax⁴ kwën'gax⁴ kwogax⁴ kwësgax⁴ kwënggaxsi⁴ kwërgaxsi⁴ kwësgaxsi⁴ kwëkwgaxsi⁴ kwëlgaxsi⁴ kwën'gaxsi⁴ kwogaxsi⁴ kwësgaxsi⁴
HUM kwargaxi⁴ kwakwgaxi⁴ kwasgaxi⁴ kwan'gaxi⁴ kwaggaxi⁴ kwasgaxi⁴ kwargax⁴ kwakwgax⁴ kwasgax⁴ kwan'gax⁴ kwaggax⁴ kwasgax⁴ kwargaxsi⁴ kwakwgaxsi⁴ kwasgaxsi⁴ kwan'gaxsi⁴ kwaggaxsi⁴ kwasgaxsi⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxi⁴ nasgaxi⁴ nakwgaxi⁴ nalgaxi⁴ nan'gaxi⁴ nogaxi⁴ nalgaxi⁴ nanggax⁴ nasgax⁴ nakwgax⁴ nalgax⁴ nan'gax⁴ nogax⁴ nalgax⁴ nanggaxsi⁴ nasgaxsi⁴ nakwgaxsi⁴ nalgaxsi⁴ nan'gaxsi⁴ nogaxsi⁴ nalgaxsi⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxi⁴ zegaxi⁴ gwëgaxi⁴ gikwgaxi⁴ gin'gaxi⁴ gigaxi⁴ hogaxi⁴ gigaxi⁴ ginggax⁴ zegax⁴ gwëgax⁴ gikwgax⁴ gin'gax⁴ gigax⁴ hogax⁴ gigax⁴ ginggaxsi⁴ zegaxsi⁴ gwëgaxsi⁴ gikwgaxsi⁴ gin'gaxsi⁴ gigaxsi⁴ hogaxsi⁴ gigaxsi⁴
INAN1 honggaxi⁴ hosgaxi⁴ hokwgaxi⁴ gwilgaxi⁴ gwaggaxi⁴ hogaxi⁴ honggax⁴ hosgax⁴ hokwgax⁴ gwilgax⁴ gwaggax⁴ hogax⁴ honggaxsi⁴ hosgaxsi⁴ hokwgaxsi⁴ gwilgaxsi⁴ gwaggaxsi⁴ hogaxsi⁴
INAN2 xosgaxi⁴ xokwgaxi⁴ wilgaxi⁴ waggaxi⁴ xogaxi⁴ gaxi⁴ xosgax⁴ xokwgax⁴ wilgax⁴ waggax⁴ xogax⁴ gax⁴ xosgaxsi⁴ xokwgaxsi⁴ wilgaxsi⁴ waggaxsi⁴ xogaxsi⁴ gaxsi⁴
1 senggaxküm⁴ segaxküm⁴ sekwgaxküm⁴ selgaxküm⁴ saggaxküm⁴ sogaxküm⁴ sekgaxküm⁴ senggaxköm⁴ segaxköm⁴ sekwgaxköm⁴ selgaxköm⁴ saggaxköm⁴ sogaxköm⁴ sekgaxköm⁴ senggaxküz⁴ segaxküz⁴ sekwgaxküz⁴ selgaxküz⁴ saggaxküz⁴ sogaxküz⁴ sekgaxküz⁴
2 kwënggaxküm⁴ kwërgaxküm⁴ kwësgaxküm⁴ kwëkwgaxküm⁴ kwëlgaxküm⁴ kwën'gaxküm⁴ kwogaxküm⁴ kwësgaxküm⁴ kwënggaxköm⁴ kwërgaxköm⁴ kwësgaxköm⁴ kwëkwgaxköm⁴ kwëlgaxköm⁴ kwën'gaxköm⁴ kwogaxköm⁴ kwësgaxköm⁴ kwënggaxküz⁴ kwërgaxküz⁴ kwësgaxküz⁴ kwëkwgaxküz⁴ kwëlgaxküz⁴ kwën'gaxküz⁴ kwogaxküz⁴ kwësgaxküz⁴
HUM kwargaxküm⁴ kwakwgaxküm⁴ kwasgaxküm⁴ kwan'gaxküm⁴ kwaggaxküm⁴ kwasgaxküm⁴ kwargaxköm⁴ kwakwgaxköm⁴ kwasgaxköm⁴ kwan'gaxköm⁴ kwaggaxköm⁴ kwasgaxköm⁴ kwargaxküz⁴ kwakwgaxküz⁴ kwasgaxküz⁴ kwan'gaxküz⁴ kwaggaxküz⁴ kwasgaxküz⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxküm⁴ nasgaxküm⁴ nakwgaxküm⁴ nalgaxküm⁴ nan'gaxküm⁴ nogaxküm⁴ nalgaxküm⁴ nanggaxköm⁴ nasgaxköm⁴ nakwgaxköm⁴ nalgaxköm⁴ nan'gaxköm⁴ nogaxköm⁴ nalgaxköm⁴ nanggaxküz⁴ nasgaxküz⁴ nakwgaxküz⁴ nalgaxküz⁴ nan'gaxküz⁴ nogaxküz⁴ nalgaxküz⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxküm⁴ zegaxküm⁴ gwëgaxküm⁴ gikwgaxküm⁴ gin'gaxküm⁴ gigaxküm⁴ hogaxküm⁴ gigaxküm⁴ ginggaxköm⁴ zegaxköm⁴ gwëgaxköm⁴ gikwgaxköm⁴ gin'gaxköm⁴ gigaxköm⁴ hogaxköm⁴ gigaxköm⁴ ginggaxküz⁴ zegaxküz⁴ gwëgaxküz⁴ gikwgaxküz⁴ gin'gaxküz⁴ gigaxküz⁴ hogaxküz⁴ gigaxküz⁴
INAN1 honggaxküm⁴ hosgaxküm⁴ hokwgaxküm⁴ gwilgaxküm⁴ gwaggaxküm⁴ hogaxküm⁴ honggaxköm⁴ hosgaxköm⁴ hokwgaxköm⁴ gwilgaxköm⁴ gwaggaxköm⁴ hogaxköm⁴ honggaxküz⁴ hosgaxküz⁴ hokwgaxküz⁴ gwilgaxküz⁴ gwaggaxküz⁴ hogaxküz⁴
INAN2 xosgaxküm⁴ xokwgaxküm⁴ wilgaxküm⁴ waggaxküm⁴ xogaxküm⁴ gaxküm⁴ xosgaxköm⁴ xokwgaxköm⁴ wilgaxköm⁴ waggaxköm⁴ xogaxköm⁴ gaxköm⁴ xosgaxküz⁴ xokwgaxküz⁴ wilgaxküz⁴ waggaxküz⁴ xogaxküz⁴ gaxküz⁴
1 senggaxzi⁴, senggax⁴ segaxzi⁴, segax⁴ sekwgaxzi⁴, sekwgax⁴ selgaxzi⁴, selgax⁴ saggaxzi⁴, saggax⁴ sogaxzi⁴, sogax⁴ sekgaxzi⁴, sekgax⁴ senggaxxong⁴ segaxxong⁴ sekwgaxxong⁴ selgaxxong⁴ saggaxxong⁴ sogaxxong⁴ sekgaxxong⁴
2 kwënggaxzi⁴, kwënggax⁴ kwërgaxzi⁴, kwërgax⁴ kwësgaxzi⁴, kwësgax⁴ kwëkwgaxzi⁴, kwëkwgax⁴ kwëlgaxzi⁴, kwëlgax⁴ kwën'gaxzi⁴, kwën'gax⁴ kwogaxzi⁴, kwogax⁴ kwësgaxzi⁴, kwësgax⁴ kwënggaxxong⁴ kwërgaxxong⁴ kwësgaxxong⁴ kwëkwgaxxong⁴ kwëlgaxxong⁴ kwën'gaxxong⁴ kwogaxxong⁴ kwësgaxxong⁴
HUM kwargaxzi⁴, kwargax⁴ kwakwgaxzi⁴, kwakwgax⁴ kwasgaxzi⁴, kwasgax⁴ kwan'gaxzi⁴, kwan'gax⁴ kwaggaxzi⁴, kwaggax⁴ kwasgaxzi⁴, kwasgax⁴ kwargaxxong⁴ kwakwgaxxong⁴ kwasgaxxong⁴ kwan'gaxxong⁴ kwaggaxxong⁴ kwasgaxxong⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxzi⁴, nanggax⁴ nasgaxzi⁴, nasgax⁴ nakwgaxzi⁴, nakwgax⁴ nalgaxzi⁴, nalgax⁴ nan'gaxzi⁴, nan'gax⁴ nogaxzi⁴, nogax⁴ nalgaxzi⁴, nalgax⁴ nanggaxxong⁴ nasgaxxong⁴ nakwgaxxong⁴ nalgaxxong⁴ nan'gaxxong⁴ nogaxxong⁴ nalgaxxong⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxzi⁴, ginggax⁴ zegaxzi⁴, zegax⁴ gwëgaxzi⁴, gwëgax⁴ gikwgaxzi⁴, gikwgax⁴ gin'gaxzi⁴, gin'gax⁴ gigaxzi⁴, gigax⁴ hogaxzi⁴, hogax⁴ gigaxzi⁴, gigax⁴ ginggaxxong⁴ zegaxxong⁴ gwëgaxxong⁴ gikwgaxxong⁴ gin'gaxxong⁴ gigaxxong⁴ hogaxxong⁴ gigaxxong⁴
INAN1 honggaxzi⁴, honggax⁴ hosgaxzi⁴, hosgax⁴ hokwgaxzi⁴, hokwgax⁴ gwilgaxzi⁴, gwilgax⁴ gwaggaxzi⁴, gwaggax⁴ hogaxzi⁴, hogax⁴ honggaxxong⁴ hosgaxxong⁴ hokwgaxxong⁴ gwilgaxxong⁴ gwaggaxxong⁴ hogaxxong⁴
INAN2 xosgaxzi⁴, xosgax⁴ xokwgaxzi⁴, xokwgax⁴ wilgaxzi⁴, wilgax⁴ waggaxzi⁴, waggax⁴ xogaxzi⁴, xogax⁴ gaxzi⁴, gax⁴ xosgaxxong⁴ xokwgaxxong⁴ wilgaxxong⁴ waggaxxong⁴ xogaxxong⁴ gaxxong⁴
1 senggaxmi⁴ segaxmi⁴ sekwgaxmi⁴ selgaxmi⁴ saggaxmi⁴ sogaxmi⁴ sekgaxmi⁴ senggaxmï⁴ segaxmï⁴ sekwgaxmï⁴ selgaxmï⁴ saggaxmï⁴ sogaxmï⁴ sekgaxmï⁴ senggaxmis⁴ segaxmis⁴ sekwgaxmis⁴ selgaxmis⁴ saggaxmis⁴ sogaxmis⁴ sekgaxmis⁴
2 kwënggaxmi⁴ kwërgaxmi⁴ kwësgaxmi⁴ kwëkwgaxmi⁴ kwëlgaxmi⁴ kwën'gaxmi⁴ kwogaxmi⁴ kwësgaxmi⁴ kwënggaxmï⁴ kwërgaxmï⁴ kwësgaxmï⁴ kwëkwgaxmï⁴ kwëlgaxmï⁴ kwën'gaxmï⁴ kwogaxmï⁴ kwësgaxmï⁴ kwënggaxmis⁴ kwërgaxmis⁴ kwësgaxmis⁴ kwëkwgaxmis⁴ kwëlgaxmis⁴ kwën'gaxmis⁴ kwogaxmis⁴ kwësgaxmis⁴
HUM kwargaxmi⁴ kwakwgaxmi⁴ kwasgaxmi⁴ kwan'gaxmi⁴ kwaggaxmi⁴ kwasgaxmi⁴ kwargaxmï⁴ kwakwgaxmï⁴ kwasgaxmï⁴ kwan'gaxmï⁴ kwaggaxmï⁴ kwasgaxmï⁴ kwargaxmis⁴ kwakwgaxmis⁴ kwasgaxmis⁴ kwan'gaxmis⁴ kwaggaxmis⁴ kwasgaxmis⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxmi⁴ nasgaxmi⁴ nakwgaxmi⁴ nalgaxmi⁴ nan'gaxmi⁴ nogaxmi⁴ nalgaxmi⁴ nanggaxmï⁴ nasgaxmï⁴ nakwgaxmï⁴ nalgaxmï⁴ nan'gaxmï⁴ nogaxmï⁴ nalgaxmï⁴ nanggaxmis⁴ nasgaxmis⁴ nakwgaxmis⁴ nalgaxmis⁴ nan'gaxmis⁴ nogaxmis⁴ nalgaxmis⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxmi⁴ zegaxmi⁴ gwëgaxmi⁴ gikwgaxmi⁴ gin'gaxmi⁴ gigaxmi⁴ hogaxmi⁴ gigaxmi⁴ ginggaxmï⁴ zegaxmï⁴ gwëgaxmï⁴ gikwgaxmï⁴ gin'gaxmï⁴ gigaxmï⁴ hogaxmï⁴ gigaxmï⁴ ginggaxmis⁴ zegaxmis⁴ gwëgaxmis⁴ gikwgaxmis⁴ gin'gaxmis⁴ gigaxmis⁴ hogaxmis⁴ gigaxmis⁴
INAN1 honggaxmi⁴ hosgaxmi⁴ hokwgaxmi⁴ gwilgaxmi⁴ gwaggaxmi⁴ hogaxmi⁴ honggaxmï⁴ hosgaxmï⁴ hokwgaxmï⁴ gwilgaxmï⁴ gwaggaxmï⁴ hogaxmï⁴ honggaxmis⁴ hosgaxmis⁴ hokwgaxmis⁴ gwilgaxmis⁴ gwaggaxmis⁴ hogaxmis⁴
INAN2 xosgaxmi⁴ xokwgaxmi⁴ wilgaxmi⁴ waggaxmi⁴ xogaxmi⁴ gaxmi⁴ xosgaxmï⁴ xokwgaxmï⁴ wilgaxmï⁴ waggaxmï⁴ xogaxmï⁴ gaxmï⁴ xosgaxmis⁴ xokwgaxmis⁴ wilgaxmis⁴ waggaxmis⁴ xogaxmis⁴ gaxmis⁴
1 senggaxkömi⁴ segaxkömi⁴ sekwgaxkömi⁴ selgaxkömi⁴ saggaxkömi⁴ sogaxkömi⁴ sekgaxkömi⁴ senggaxkömï⁴ segaxkömï⁴ sekwgaxkömï⁴ selgaxkömï⁴ saggaxkömï⁴ sogaxkömï⁴ sekgaxkömï⁴ senggaxkömis⁴ segaxkömis⁴ sekwgaxkömis⁴ selgaxkömis⁴ saggaxkömis⁴ sogaxkömis⁴ sekgaxkömis⁴
2 kwënggaxkömi⁴ kwërgaxkömi⁴ kwësgaxkömi⁴ kwëkwgaxkömi⁴ kwëlgaxkömi⁴ kwën'gaxkömi⁴ kwogaxkömi⁴ kwësgaxkömi⁴ kwënggaxkömï⁴ kwërgaxkömï⁴ kwësgaxkömï⁴ kwëkwgaxkömï⁴ kwëlgaxkömï⁴ kwën'gaxkömï⁴ kwogaxkömï⁴ kwësgaxkömï⁴ kwënggaxkömis⁴ kwërgaxkömis⁴ kwësgaxkömis⁴ kwëkwgaxkömis⁴ kwëlgaxkömis⁴ kwën'gaxkömis⁴ kwogaxkömis⁴ kwësgaxkömis⁴
HUM kwargaxkömi⁴ kwakwgaxkömi⁴ kwasgaxkömi⁴ kwan'gaxkömi⁴ kwaggaxkömi⁴ kwasgaxkömi⁴ kwargaxkömï⁴ kwakwgaxkömï⁴ kwasgaxkömï⁴ kwan'gaxkömï⁴ kwaggaxkömï⁴ kwasgaxkömï⁴ kwargaxkömis⁴ kwakwgaxkömis⁴ kwasgaxkömis⁴ kwan'gaxkömis⁴ kwaggaxkömis⁴ kwasgaxkömis⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxkömi⁴ nasgaxkömi⁴ nakwgaxkömi⁴ nalgaxkömi⁴ nan'gaxkömi⁴ nogaxkömi⁴ nalgaxkömi⁴ nanggaxkömï⁴ nasgaxkömï⁴ nakwgaxkömï⁴ nalgaxkömï⁴ nan'gaxkömï⁴ nogaxkömï⁴ nalgaxkömï⁴ nanggaxkömis⁴ nasgaxkömis⁴ nakwgaxkömis⁴ nalgaxkömis⁴ nan'gaxkömis⁴ nogaxkömis⁴ nalgaxkömis⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxkömi⁴ zegaxkömi⁴ gwëgaxkömi⁴ gikwgaxkömi⁴ gin'gaxkömi⁴ gigaxkömi⁴ hogaxkömi⁴ gigaxkömi⁴ ginggaxkömï⁴ zegaxkömï⁴ gwëgaxkömï⁴ gikwgaxkömï⁴ gin'gaxkömï⁴ gigaxkömï⁴ hogaxkömï⁴ gigaxkömï⁴ ginggaxkömis⁴ zegaxkömis⁴ gwëgaxkömis⁴ gikwgaxkömis⁴ gin'gaxkömis⁴ gigaxkömis⁴ hogaxkömis⁴ gigaxkömis⁴
INAN1 honggaxkömi⁴ hosgaxkömi⁴ hokwgaxkömi⁴ gwilgaxkömi⁴ gwaggaxkömi⁴ hogaxkömi⁴ honggaxkömï⁴ hosgaxkömï⁴ hokwgaxkömï⁴ gwilgaxkömï⁴ gwaggaxkömï⁴ hogaxkömï⁴ honggaxkömis⁴ hosgaxkömis⁴ hokwgaxkömis⁴ gwilgaxkömis⁴ gwaggaxkömis⁴ hogaxkömis⁴
INAN2 xosgaxkömi⁴ xokwgaxkömi⁴ wilgaxkömi⁴ waggaxkömi⁴ xogaxkömi⁴ gaxkömi⁴ xosgaxkömï⁴ xokwgaxkömï⁴ wilgaxkömï⁴ waggaxkömï⁴ xogaxkömï⁴ gaxkömï⁴ xosgaxkömis⁴ xokwgaxkömis⁴ wilgaxkömis⁴ waggaxkömis⁴ xogaxkömis⁴ gaxkömis⁴
1 senggaxxa⁴ segaxxa⁴ sekwgaxxa⁴ selgaxxa⁴ saggaxxa⁴ sogaxxa⁴ sekgaxxa⁴ senggaxköğ⁴ segaxköğ⁴ sekwgaxköğ⁴ selgaxköğ⁴ saggaxköğ⁴ sogaxköğ⁴ sekgaxköğ⁴
2 kwënggaxxa⁴ kwërgaxxa⁴ kwësgaxxa⁴ kwëkwgaxxa⁴ kwëlgaxxa⁴ kwën'gaxxa⁴ kwogaxxa⁴ kwësgaxxa⁴ kwënggaxköğ⁴ kwërgaxköğ⁴ kwësgaxköğ⁴ kwëkwgaxköğ⁴ kwëlgaxköğ⁴ kwën'gaxköğ⁴ kwogaxköğ⁴ kwësgaxköğ⁴
HUM kwargaxxa⁴ kwakwgaxxa⁴ kwasgaxxa⁴ kwan'gaxxa⁴ kwaggaxxa⁴ kwasgaxxa⁴ kwargaxköğ⁴ kwakwgaxköğ⁴ kwasgaxköğ⁴ kwan'gaxköğ⁴ kwaggaxköğ⁴ kwasgaxköğ⁴
ANIM1 nanggaxxa⁴ nasgaxxa⁴ nakwgaxxa⁴ nalgaxxa⁴ nan'gaxxa⁴ nogaxxa⁴ nalgaxxa⁴ nanggaxköğ⁴ nasgaxköğ⁴ nakwgaxköğ⁴ nalgaxköğ⁴ nan'gaxköğ⁴ nogaxköğ⁴ nalgaxköğ⁴
ANIM2 ginggaxxa⁴ zegaxxa⁴ gwëgaxxa⁴ gikwgaxxa⁴ gin'gaxxa⁴ gigaxxa⁴ hogaxxa⁴ gigaxxa⁴ ginggaxköğ⁴ zegaxköğ⁴ gwëgaxköğ⁴ gikwgaxköğ⁴ gin'gaxköğ⁴ gigaxköğ⁴ hogaxköğ⁴ gigaxköğ⁴
INAN1 honggaxxa⁴ hosgaxxa⁴ hokwgaxxa⁴ gwilgaxxa⁴ gwaggaxxa⁴ hogaxxa⁴ honggaxköğ⁴ hosgaxköğ⁴ hokwgaxköğ⁴ gwilgaxköğ⁴ gwaggaxköğ⁴ hogaxköğ⁴
INAN2 xosgaxxa⁴ xokwgaxxa⁴ wilgaxxa⁴ waggaxxa⁴ xogaxxa⁴ gaxxa⁴ xosgaxköğ⁴ xokwgaxköğ⁴ wilgaxköğ⁴ waggaxköğ⁴ xogaxköğ⁴ gaxköğ⁴
Coreferent Switch-referent Coreferent Switch-referent
Foreground additive gaxngä⁴ gaxngäng⁴ Mediary gaxnwa⁴ gaxnwang⁴
Background additive gaxne⁴ gaxneng⁴ Comparative gaxki⁴ gaxking⁴
Conditional gaxra⁴ gaxrang⁴ Simultaneous gaxha⁴ gaxhang⁴
Counterfactual gaxxi⁴ gaxxing⁴ Causal gaxtï⁴ gaxtïng⁴
Alternative gaxlë⁴ gaxlëng⁴ Purposive gaxxa⁴ gaxxang⁴
Abessive gaxngö⁴ gaxngöng⁴ Adverbial gaxro⁴ gaxrong⁴

Derived terms