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From Middle and Old Anrish, from Old Irish méar


(Anrish) IPA: /meːr/


mér (runic:‧ᛘᛖᚱ‧)

  1. (anatomy) A slender jointed extremity of the human hand and foot, a digit, finger or toe
  2. (zoology) Similar or similar-looking extremities in other animals, particularly the leg of arthropods and the foot in mollusks
  3. A key of a piano or a typewriter
  4. A hand of a clock
  5. (nautical) Any of the short lengths of wood, iron or brass set up in convenient places on a ship to secure running rigging; a belaying pin
  6. A creek or stream which flows into a larger river; a tributary
  7. A location of an organization with several locations; a branch

Derived terms

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Declension of mér (a-stem)
Case indefinite singular indefinite plural definite singular definite plural
Common mér mérr méra mérenur
Dative mére mérá mérene méremí
Genitive mérað méro méré méreno