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Alternative forms


Probably Laifutaši mayla (or maylo)


(Standard) IPA: [mai̯ɴ̆a], pl. [mai̯ɴ̆tʋaɦa]
(Līlasuṃghāṇi) IPA: [mæi̯ɴ̆a], pl. [mæi̯ɴ̆tvaɦa]


maila (irreg. plur. mailtvaha)

  1. water (liquid H2O)
    maila molē. — water is drunk.
    jarių : maitų : dašų maila — sea, river, rain water
    tilcēm lā maila (tilcemaila) — soda, carbonated water
    chlærmaila — fresh, clear, clean water
  2. (colloquial): a glass containing water
    mailāt gam umulaṃte — I've just drunk two glasses of water.
  3. a drink mostly composed of water
    lameṣmaila — coconut water
    humaimaila — herbal tea, herbal infusion (note that tea itself is usually not considered "humaimaila")
  4. (plural): bodies of water; an area of water
    babhrām mæn mailtvaha rāšin gūltyumi tildhā — the region's bodies of water include about a thousand lakes.
    ṣārivāṃbrādhyęs udvī jaryūmi dellā galabhælausirāhe mailtvaha jali — the areas of water outside control by a country are international waters.
  5. (usually plural): water from a certain source
    raisi mailtvaha : raisi maila — thermal water(s) (e.g. at a geothermal spring)
  6. (genitive or compound, adjectival use): water, aquatic, hydro- (using or related to water)
    mailnæljerṣūs — water turbine
    maili kailadaranah — water treatment, water purification
  7. (genitive or compound, adjectival use): water, aquatic-, aqua- (related to bodies of water)
    maildårbhas — water transport, transport over water
    mailarašvātrai — water sports
  8. (genitive or compound, adjectival use): aquatic, water (living in or near water)
    maili gūṇai — water birds
    mailjunyā — water flower


Usage notes

The meaning of "glass of water" is the only one where the dual form is used.


Derived terms

Related terms



Unknown, possibly originally a Nanaklāri term — displaced inherited garṣu (now: liquid), from Proto-Cis-Tahianshima *gro₁rsuk (water, liquid)


(Laceyiam) IPA: /ˈmai̯ɴ̆a/



  1. water
    maila nąirämur.
    Water is drunk.