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Alternative forms

  • ميچ (Western Arabic script)
  • ميڇ (Eastern Arabic script)
  • ሜጪ (Ge'ez script)


Proto-Cushitic. Cognate to Somali meedh/meer.


(Qino) IPA: /ˈmeːʄi/ [méːʔʲi]


meejhi (class 1)

  1. to wash; to bathe; to rinse
    Ta maacuuna meejhi.
    Rinse the dishes.
  2. (reflexive, with ablative) to absolve oneself (from responsibility); to renounce; to wash one's hands of
    Is kak meejhá.
    I declare myself innocent of him.

Usage notes

When used with the meaning of "wash", daqi implies a more thorough cleaning than meejhi. For example, you would use daqi if you're cleaning a rusty car, but meejhi if you're doing a regular wash.


Derived terms

  • meejhati verb, 2c "to wash (for one's own benefit); to wash oneself; to take a shower/bath"