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Alternative forms


From Middle Anrish tan, from Old Anrish tán, tón, from Proto-Germanic *tō and *ana


(Anrish) IPA: /ta/



Perot béne bryðerið. (A parrot on a child's shoulder.)
  • (+ common)
  1. onto (allative)
    Surtuð íra lúo tafura.
    Your cat jumped on the table.
  • (+ dative)
  1. on, upon
    Is tenur gǫtene.
    There is a crowd in the street.
  2. (of time) upon, in the event of (cf.+ subjunctive)
    In case of a flood
  3. (used in certain fixed expressions)
    Is melha tan-éftene.
    It is the middle of the night
  • (+ genitive)
  1. on, with (a resource)
    Fryøtið fóra lúetað
    The car is running on electricity.
  • (+ subjunctive)
  1. when, at the time of
    Feo mea híe ú jo mír.
    I am happy when you are with me.