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Alternative forms


From Minhast zaħraš 'fortune', from Auri zarihasa 'serendipity', from Silōs zasiasraasa 'to mess something up' a blend of Ròmnica xasar 'to throw' and Aixosixomi saasa 'to strike an object with something thrown', from Matohsartan sìassasa 'dart throwing game' , from Silōs siasiasia 'bullseye', from Matohsartan siìa 'center', from Aixosixomi siʔi 'an object in the center of a larger object', from either Ròmnica tshitl 'nose' or Silōs (titla) zva 'clown', lit. 'blue nose', both ultimately from Maltcegj tcitsíc 'to sneeze', which is in turn a derivate of Gsekshurdu ge'ejet 'to fly', from Trøvšam pøvøth 'horse', from Ròmnica peifofda 'land', from Silōs peifōvtana 'continent', from Auri péfota 'the world', lit. 'the great collection', from Matohsartan pèanfota 'confederation', from Silōs peanotvōtōs 'confederation', from Kaidu pena 'to divide', from Silōs psena 'a piece (of cake, pizza, etc.)', from Matohsartan pʃea 'fraction' (a fraction of something, not the mathematical thing), from Tiinanen pse 'second' (unit of time), ultimately from Silōs pzara 'time'.


(Elasian) IPA: /ˈdzɑhrat͡s/



  1. affectionate term for loved one
    zárasz tá tenyászé, túrasz ná .
    He gave me (his) loved one once, his daughter
  2. precious thing
  3. treasure
  4. fortune
  5. luck
    Zárasz ká!
    Good luck! (lit. Luck to you)


case singular plural
Nominative zárasz záraszen
Accusative zárasz záraszen
Genitive záraszo záraszun
Dative záraszá záraszáen
Instrumental záraszem záraszemen

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