Fén Ghír/Dialects

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Fén dialects are currently being re-evaluated in order to be less simplified and more naturalistic seeming. Below are general ideas/impressions I hope to give, however this is a low priority project to be set aside until I feel sufficently comfortable with Phonetic shifts & laws.

Midlands Fén

Similar to standard [it is the basis of it], though there might be a bit of additional emphasis on the following vowel type by modifying the consonant somehow in order to add a bit more of a naturalistic feel to it [if so, this will also occur in Highlands Fén].

Highlands Fén

Considered Archiac Sounding, Highlands Fayn has resisted a few sound changes and have more borrowings from Cwengâr, including in regards to grammatic construction. They are less likely to directly borrow Toryl, often either inventing their own term or borrowing from Cwengâr [even when the Cwengâr is just a loan from Toryl]. Introduction/Use of "Cw/Gw" sound in loans, "s" pronounced instead as "sh"

Genibh/Southern Fén

Heavier use of mutations [Introduction of a new one is possible. Alternatively, further weakening existing mutations] and dropping words. May drop unnecessary vowels.

Northern Fén

Composed of elements of Midlands and Genibh, very conservative with borrowings, it is the most likely to translate new words morpheme by morpheme rather than adapting the phonology.

Fén of the Settlements

Northern Fén with some Kergan and Hainic influences.