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Greko-Latina is intended as a way to take the international scientific and Greko-Latin vocabulary and make an International Auxiliary Language. It arose from my disfavor with the vocabulary, phonology, etc. of other IALs such as Esperanto and Interlingua. As a secondary matter, I hope it could be used by the Catholic Church as a way to simplify Latin to bring back for mass.



Greko-Latina uses the 26 standard letters of the Latin alphabet with the addition of æ and œ. All letters have their IPA values except c, q, and x, which are /t͡s or t͡ʃ/, /kʷ/, and /ʃ/ respectively. Four digraphs (ai, au, eu, oi) make the implied diphthong. Q does not pair with u, as in most European languages, as this is redundant.

This way the letters and digraphs have as close as possible to their pan-European values as possible while also being phonetic.

Letter IPA (preferred) IPA (alternate)
a ɑ
æ æ ɛ
b b
c t͡s t͡ʃ
d d
e e
f f
g g ɣ
h h ɦ
i i
j j
k k
l l
m m
n n
o o
œ œ
p p
q kw, kv
r r any voiced rhotic
s s
t t
u u
v v
w w
x ʃ
y y ɪ, ʏ, ɨ, ə
z z d͡z


Labial Dental Alveolar Palato-Alveolar Palatal Velar
plain labialized Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p b t d k g
Affricate t͡s ~ t͡ʃ
Fricative f v θ s z ʃ ç ~ x
Approximant l j w h
Rhotic r r̥

Consonants are never geminated.


Front Unrounded Front Rounded Back
Close i y u
Mid e œ o
Open æ ɑ



Stress is always on the penultimate syllable.



The maximal syllable structure is <C><C><C><V><C><C>.




Constituent order

Since there are few inflections, a strict word order of SVO is required, and adjectives come after nouns.

Noun phrase

Verb phrase

Sentence phrase

Dependent clauses

Example texts

The Lord's Prayer:

"Nostro patre, ki stas in celo,
santifakato stare tutro nomene,
tutro regita avenas,
tutro volunto stare fakato,
in geo et in celo,
das a nos hodi nostro diese pane,
et dismisa nostro debito tam nos dismisa le debite de alio,
et no indukas nos a tentace,
pero liberas nos de malo.
Ka tutro stas la regita, potenca, et glori,
en eternita, amen."

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