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So you want to add the words of your conlang to our dictionary? Well, worry not, it's a mostly pain free process!

Contionary what?

The contionary (from conlang + dictionary) is meant to be similar to MediaWiki's Wiktionary project with the difference that here, conlangs, be they notable or not are all welcome!

Getting excited yet?

So what do I do?

Well, Billy, when a man loves a– I kid.

To first begin, you must have your word ready and everything. Now that you have your word, go to the Contionary main page page, where you will be met by a "add your word" box.

As you add your word the wiki will load an editing page for you, the new entry template, which looks something like this.

{{subst:User:Chrysophylax/Template:nous |1=English |2=entry |POS=Noun |IPA=ˈentʰɹɪ |POS2=noun }}

It's pretty simple from here on.

  • 1. Copy this template outside the commented area
  • 2. Fill in 1 (language), 2 (your word), POS (part of speech), IPA1 (pronunciation), POS2 (again, part of speech but in lowercase).
  • 3. Click 'Save page'

This will create a page with an etymology section, a related section, categorise the page as a contionary entry and lots of other stuff. Feel free to edit the page again to add the correct etymology, related terms and such.

1 - You can write IPA in the wiki editor without a special keyboard by going to Special characters > IPA.

Done, but how do I get those fancy tables?

Well, if you're referring to 'fancy tables' like

positive indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fancypantsat fancypantsas fancypantsasz fancypantsaten fancypantsasen fancypantsaszen
future fancypantslyat fancypantslyas fancypantslyasz fancypantslyaten fancypantslyasen fancypantslyaszen
past fancypantstát fancypantstás fancypantstász fancypantstáten fancypantstásen fancypantstászen
historical past fancypantsyáté fancypantsyásé fancypantsyászé fancypantsyátén fancypantsyásén fancypantsyászén
passive present fancypantsnutal fancypantsnusal fancypantsnuszal fancypantsnutenal fancypantsnusenal fancypantsnuszenal
future fancypantslyanutal fancypantslyanusal fancypantslyanuszal fancypantslyanutenal fancypantslyanusenal fancypantslyanuszenal
past fancypantstánutal fancypantstánusal fancypantstánuszal fancypantstánutenal fancypantstánusenal fancypantstánuszenal
historical past fancypantsyátél fancypantsyásél fancypantsyászél fancypantsyáténal fancypantsyásénal fancypantsyászénal
negative indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fancypantsarat fancypantsaras fancypantsarasz fancypantsaraten fancypantsarasen fancypantsaraszen
future fancypantslyarat fancypantslyaras fancypantslyarasz fancypantslyaraten fancypantslyarasen fancypantslyaraszen
past fancypantstárat fancypantstáras fancypantstárasz fancypantstárten fancypantstársen fancypantstáraszen
historical past fancypantsyárté fancypantsyársé fancypantsyárszé fancypantsyártén fancypantsyársén fancypantsyárszén
passive present fancypantsartal fancypantsarsal fancypantsarszal fancypantsartenal fancypantsarsenal fancypantsarszenal
future fancypantsalyartal fancypantsalyarsal fancypantsalyarszal fancypantsalyartenal fancypantsalyarsenal fancypantsalyarszenal
past fancypantstártal fancypantstársal fancypantstárszal fancypantstártenal fancypantstársenal fancypantstárszenal
historical past fancypantsyártél fancypantsyársél fancypantsyárszél fancypantsyárténal fancypantsyársénal fancypantsyárszénal
positive indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present fancypantsaat fancypantsaas fancypantsaasz fancypantsaaten fancypantsaasen fancypantsaaszen
future fancypantsaalyat fancypantsaalyas fancypantsaalyasz fancypantsaalyaten fancypantsaalyasen fancypantsaalyaszen
past fancypantsatát fancypantsatás fancypantsatász fancypantsatáten fancypantsatásen fancypantsatászen
historical past fancypantsayáté fancypantsayásé fancypantsayászé fancypantsayátén fancypantsayásén fancypantsayászén
passive present fancypantsanutal fancypantsanusal fancypantsanuszal fancypantsanutenal fancypantsanusenal fancypantsanuszenal
future fancypantsalyanutal fancypantsalyanusal fancypantsalyanuszal fancypantsalyanutenal fancypantsalyanusenal fancypantsalyanuszenal
past fancypantsatánutal fancypantsatánusal fancypantsatánuszal fancypantsatánutenal fancypantsatánusenal fancypantsatánuszenal
historical past fancypantsayátél fancypantsayásél fancypantsayászél fancypantsayáténal fancypantsayásénal fancypantsayászénal

Then the simplest way to get them is by making a template. You can take a look at other user's templates and copy/modify to your heart's delight or ask nicely on someone's talk to help you out. Remember, anything that starts with {{ is a template and it is ended with }}. You can go to the template's page and look at it by going to the page within the brackets {{ }}.