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Iłtséenofin (omokwoȝ Iłtséenofin) is a language isolate spoken in the Iseenof province in Skella. It is inspired by Arapaho and Wiobian.


Ebéeȝ ceron ełeptséewon d-oseejeł tóos ocin kwi. = Once there was a childless king who wanted a son.



p b f t d ȝ c j y k g h kw gw w = /pʰ p f tʰ t θ tʃʰ~cʰ tʃ~c ʃ~ç kʰ k h kʷʰ kʷ ʍ/

s ts l ł tł r /s ts ʟ χ tχ r/

m n /m n/

The modern pronunciation of l ł tł is due to Eevo influence.


Arapaho vowels but with a quality distinction instead of tone



Nouns come in two genders: masculine and feminine. Inanimate objects can be used in both genders interchangeably. (The feminine derives from an older honorific form, as in Proto-Talmic.)

Nouns and adjectives are technically the same part of speech and TAM affixes on a noun must also appear on adjectives that modify it.