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Kamatarna was sparked by a mention in Tolkien's The Monsters and the Critics about how he overheard a man deciding he would "mark the accusative with a prefix", so I ran with the idea. The language is pretty consistently CVCV and marks cases with prefixes rather than suffixes. Some words have the shape CVCCV arising from a contraction of one syllable in a previous stage CVCVCV.




Bilabial Dental Palatal Velar Labio-Velar Glottal
Stop p b t d k g
Fricative f v h
Sibilant s
Nasal m n
Liquid l r
Approximant j y


Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e o
Open a



Singular Plural
First person taa tar
Second person koon koor
Third person poon poor

Pronouns can be used as suffix for possession.


Kima. Who.



Singular Plural
Nominative Ø -r
Accusative plo- plo- -r
Dative ba- ba- -r
Genitive ko- ko- -r

The accusative is used to indicate the goal of verbs of motion.

Sample sentences

Kima duma plo-kamatar?

Who comes to our land?

Lubunga ba-taa galu ba-koon

It's not up to you, nor up to me.

Ko-plusmakoon kaa plesa!

It's an order from your king!

Sample words

  • bulsa. scepter.
  • bunga. to weight.
  • duma. to come.
  • ga. and.
  • ka. to be.
  • kama. land, earth.
  • kema. to give.
  • kima. who.
  • lu. no, not.
  • plesa. order.
  • plusma. commander, chief, king.
  • pulsa. to command.
  • tol. to love.