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Kharrash was intended to be a "simplistic" conlang. It is extremely isolating and has a relatively small vocabulary. Its grammar was inspired by English, Chinese, and American Sign Language. It is spoken by a tribe of trolls in a yet undefined world. Most, if not all them, lack protruding lips, so the language does not contain any labial consonants or rounded vowels.



Kharrash is extremely isolating, similar to Chinese. Words can combine to form compounds, but they never inflect. Many words can serve as several different parts of speech. For example, the word "ying" can be used as a substantive (i.e. "thought/idea") or a verb (i.e. "think").


Word order is generally SVO. Adjectives typically precede nouns they modify. However, most adverbs and other grammatical particles follow the word or clause they modify. An adverb at the end of a sentence is often modifying the entire preceding clause.

Possessive "X's Y" is formed by Y directly following X, e.g. "di falh" for "my fire" (lit. "me fire").


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